Becky Reads Company: July 2014

I've built up quite the reputation for snarking on Company each month. I have to admit, though, it's really developing lately. I'm not the only one who's noticed the increased quality, judging by the comments I get on these posts. This makes me really happy: As I keep pointing out, I do love Company and everything they stand for, so I'm really glad to see the print quality is reflecting the content. 

The Good

I have to admit, I was anticipating high heels and lace for the Reading festival looks. Actually, all of this would go down pretty well (although I wouldn't recommend £89 glittery boots). (p.26)

Company's Read It and Tweet feature is pretty good (if a little limiting in the range of books they choose), and I'm happy to see they're promoting literary festivals too. (p. 34)

Carrie of Wish Wish Wish is one of my favourite people on the internet (which may or may not be because she understands my love of My Chemical Romance!). I was very happy to see her gorgeous face in my issue this month! (p. 42)

This article discussing the lack of female acts at festivals was really interesting. I've made my thoughts on female meritocracy clear in the past, and I'd hate there to be more women at festivals purely to make up numbers. I would say it's proportional: It's not just that there are fewer female acts as festivals, but that there are fewer female acts in the alternative music scene as a whole, and I was very happy to see this addressed in the article. I reckon there's a shift happening here though. There's definitely more women in the rock scene than there was 10 years ago. (p. 44)

I was lucky in that my university degree was tailored towards a future career. However, I know many people have anxieties about their path after graduating. I think this article could be really reassuring for people about to graduate. (p.48) 

Ok, now I really want some anklets! (p. 58)

I love these cute hairstyles! I've got more important things to do at a festival than twist my hair into the perfect braided bun, but I'll certainly be trying them out at some point over the summer. (p. 130)

Thank you Gem for some real festival beauty tips! Don't try to make yourself look perfectly polished, don't load up on hair products and NEVER forget your SPF. Especially when you're wearing fishnet tights. I speak from experience. The nickname of Pork Legs will never leave me!  (p. 149)

Megs of Wonderful You is also in Company this month. Yay! (p.154)

The Bad

This white dress is "the perfect festival dress". Oh, yes. What could be more perfect for swilling around in the mud and getting caught on belt buckles in the moshpit than a £72 white dress? (p.18)

I hate to be a pedant (Ok, that's a lie), but McBusted are not 90s. Yes, I will even nitpick about bands I hate. (p.36)

Jameela discusses her Fodo (which is a fear of disappointing others, apparently). In actual fact, her column discusses some very real problems and anxietites she had. Way to belittle mental health issues (again), Company! (p. 38)

As much as I love the inclusion of multiple piercings, I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of encouraging people to "load up" on multiple ear piercings as a trend. Piercings take a lot of care and maintenance. They're not just a trend that you can forget about at the end of the summer. (p.53)

Festival survival tips including lipstick "because you never know when you're going to get photographed" and Miu Miu sunglasses? What world do these girls live in? (p. 75)

The Ugly

Enough with the literally. Unless you are the freaking Joker, you do not literally beam from ear to ear. (p. 9)

"Internash-fest inspo". Say it out loud. Go on, try it. You sound like an idiot, right? (p. 34)

"Festi tix". You sound like a 3 year old. Just stop. (p.37)


  1. I'm slightly put off Company at the moment as I can't find it on its own - it always seems to be with Elle or Cosmopolitan, which I don't want! Shame as this doesn't look like a bad issue (apart from the constant abbreviations, but you can't have everything...)

    1. That annoys me because I buy one magazine and then I can only find the other one in a multipack!

  2. Festi tix made me laugh out loud! Who says that?!

  3. I've heard it's really bad for you to get that many ear piercings all at once as well!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. It is! It can really delay the healing process and, in my experience, getting too many at once can make your body go into shock. That was a fun piercing day!

  4. Considering buying it just for the postgrad article - I don't graduate for a year but I'm still worried!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. I bought Company and I really liked it. I hope they have an iPad version of iTunes PT

  6. Christ I hate company. And all fashion magazines aimed at women to be honest - I wrote a post about it this week as well would mean a lot if you had a look :)

    I hate how they belittle mental health issues, and all the stupid words they make up. "Stop trying to make fetch happen" springs to mind haha!
    Ugh I just hate all women's fashion mags 'cos they put women down constantly, tell us how we should live/look and if we don't we're not on trend! I hate how they write for women as though we're stupid and don't care about real stuff and it's all written by women! If any woman writing shit for fashion mags tries to claim she's a feminist it's utter rubbish. You can't be a feminist while writing shit like that!

    Sorry for the rant haha! This is clearly a topic I feel strongly on! Great post, keep em coming! xo

    1. Haha you're so right about fetch! So many magazines are so unnecessarily critical of other women and it makes me really sad.

      No worries about the rant! Feel free to rant away!

  7. You had me at festi tix! Does anyone actually talk like that?


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