Curvy Kate Bloggers' Event

Last night, I attended the Curvy Kate bloggers' event in London. For those of you who may not know, Curvy Kate is a lingerie brand selling underwear and swimwear for women with a bigger bust, stocking cup sizes D-K. 

On arrival, I was greeted by the wonderful Himare and Hannah, who served me a delicious cocktail. 

They also had amazing-and delicious- bra cupcakes! 

I got talking to the very beautiful Lucy of CurvyConfidentCool, who was lovely and a big fan of Christmas, like me! Less than 6 months to go... 
Hannah started the event by handing out pink and blue sticky notes for a brand evaluation. On the pink note, we wrote something positive about Curvy Kate, and on the blue, something we would like to see improved.
We were each given a party horn and, as Hannah read out the feedback, we blew for each one we agreed with. It was a really fun, interactive way to give our feedback to the brand.
After snacking on some Haribo, Curvy Kate designer Charlotte showed us some of the current and upcoming designs. 
This blue and yellow bra is so pretty! 
Curvy Kate works closely with Coppafeel and have designed a bra that will help raise money for the charity. Pretty and a good cause!  
 "They're so soft, I want to rub them all over my face". True quote.
We were then treated to a really fun, giggly catwalk show with the Curvy Kate models showing off the new designs. Curvy Kate don't use professional models and hold competitions to find the faces of their brands. 
 The girls were all so fun and bubbling, with twerking to Beyonce taking centre stage. 

Look how beautiful these girls are!
 The current faces of Curvy Kate: Ellesha, Charlotte, Camilla and Rufaro. 
 After the excitement of the catwalk show, we chilled out with a game called Guess the Bra Size. I won't explain the rules as it's pretty self-explanatory! We formed teams (we named ourselves Boob Crew) and stuck our guesses on each model. 

We correctly guessed Charlotte's size, so we each received a prize. Hello, Soap & Glory Hand Food!

To close the event, there was a raffle and I only went and won! I was so excited- I never win anything! I will shortly be the proud owner of three Curvy Kate lingerie sets of my choice! How exciting!

Before leaving, I caught up with the incredible Lucie and Hollie who are both absolutely hilarious! Lucie's fish impression is really a sight to behold! I also met Nicole and Elena who are both lovely too. 

It was such a fantastic event. I had a huge amount of fun and I'll be following the brand closely in the future. Thank you, Curvy Kate! 


  1. What an amazing idea to celebrate a brand! Looks like fun!! :)
    ~ Samantha

  2. Looks like such a fun event, I'm someone who is secretly curvy - I seem quite petite so people don't notice my large bum and bust till I mention it and then they have a moment of reaslisation!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  3. Ooh, looks so exciting! I've never tried Curvy Kate bras, just admired them online — I'm a bit cautious about ordering bras online unless I've had the opportunity to try the same brand's stuff on before. Bra sizes vary so much depending on the brand, and the style! I love the look of the new season stuff though. :) Might give Curvy Kate a try!

    tea and dresses

  4. Sounds like a really cool, fun and girlie event. I love Curvy Kate and what they do and the coppafeel awareness is great!

    Sophie x

  5. What an amazing evening! I'm so upset I left my memory card in my laptop I took zero pics from the evening! *sadface* it was Lovely to finally meet you, you absolute leg-end! Can't wait to make kissy fish faces with you soon please! Xxx

  6. This looks like such incredible fun! I love how bright and colorful everything is. Wish I could have gone to this awesome event.

  7. Loving that boob cupcake. Curvy Kate is a wonderful brand, they're actually one of the few that sell my size... a daunting 28E! (TMI sorry...) Looks like you had a fabulous time, and well done on winning, you winner!

    Holly |
    Currently running a giveaway to win some Jo Malone

  8. Oh my god I LOVE Lucie's blog, how cool to see her here! This looks like it was such a great event. To be totally unsubtle and bold, I have quite BIG TITS so finding pretty bras in my size is a bit of a challenge!

    Kirsten |

    1. Was just popping back to see if this beauty had replied and was reading the other comments and BOOM saw this! haha Day totally made :D I love that you love my blog! <3 xxxxxx

  9. Ah this looks amazing! I love the Curvy Kate brand :) x

  10. I'm sorry I didn't get to speak to everyone properly. I was a great night!


  11. Looks like a lot of fun! xx

  12. Guess the bra size! that's an awesome game. I'd suggest it for the work xmas party but Belgian people don't get fun.

    (I did not apparently go to bed mid-comment)...

  13. Damn my itty bitty titty comittee membership! Those bras look stunning, and the models all look both amazing and so happy, makes a nice change from pictures I see from 'professional' runways. Glad you had fun, it looks like a great event :)

  14. This looks like such a fun event! It's nice to see there were activities rather than just wandering around looking at products. It's good to see the reasons why you are there too.
    Victoria xx


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