100 Happy Days: June

Last month, when I started my 100 Happy Days project, I intended to choose the 9 happiest days. June ended up being so happy that I had to up that number to 12. Being off work, I've had to do lots of happy things to keep me relaxed and chilled out, so I've ended up with lots of happy moments this month!
Day 29: At Alton Towers with Marie //Day 31: South West Blog Social //Day 32: Visiting Leona
Day 34: Having fun at Kew Gardens //Day 35: A surprise birthday party// 
Day 38: Relaxing with the ducks
Day 39: Afternoon tea// Day 40: Hanging out with my grandma// Day 42: Visiting the V&A museum
Day 43: Cinema with my little bro// Day 44: Playing fashion bloggers with Helen// Day 45: Dancing in the streets at Pride

Turns out I managed to add up my days completely wrong and I repeated two of them on Instagram. I'm an idiot! 


  1. You hanging out with your grandma = AWESOME blog interview post :)
    You hanging out with Leona = inspiration to try and meet up with other bloggers!
    You adding more days than originally planned = awwww life is so amazing, isn't it? :D

    ~ Samantha

  2. Shhh, no one will notice. Moving right along now... lalala

  3. LOVE your pride dress, very cool :)

    Sophie x


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