Chilling with my brother

One of the benefits of having a 26-year-old sister in full time employment must be having her take you out for all-expenses paid evenings. Myles is a very lucky kid! I hadn't seen him for a while, so decided to treat him to a meal and a trip to the cinema. He was adamant that we'd see 22 Jump Street, but I wanted to see The Fault in our Stars. Being a teenage boy, he was having none of that!

We decided to be a little different and visit Wagamama. I'd only been once, about 4 years ago and it was a total disaster. I couldn't use chopsticks, I ordered chicken noodle soup and let's just say, the soup went everywhere. It was pretty embarrassing and put me off for a while. 

Myles is clearly a master in the use of chopsticks.

That's quite some technique he's got going on! 
We started with a side order of chilli squid. Myles is a notoriously fussy eater (he pretty much ate nothing but plain pasta and chicken nuggets for a good 5 years), so it was amazing that he not only tried the squid, but enjoyed it too. 

We both had the chicken yaki soba. It was delicious, if a little heavy on the ginger. The plates were huge too, so we both had to leave a sizeable chunk uneaten. Delicious though! 
Shirt: Sik Silks
Jeans: Topman
Trainers: Nike

Myles is a very fashion-conscious kid. I'm not sure if I totally get his style, but I love that he has the confidence to express himself in such bold prints. Style icon in the making! 

He's so tall now and it's freaking me out. Nobody here is crouching down or standing on a box: He's 14 and rapidly approaching 6ft! (This photo was only taken 9 months ago! What? How?) 
 He was clearly very taken with the idea of seeing The Fault in our Stars. 

Unfortunately for Myles, Big Sister perks include getting the final say in everything, so we went to go and see it. Yes, I cried. It was better than I thought it would be, actually and stayed very true to the novel. In fact, the things that annoyed me when I reviewed the book, such as the verbose nature of these teenagers, were played down in the film. 
We had a bit of spare time before the film started, so we headed down to the arcade and played a couple of games, including this Speed of Light reaction game. 
 We may have cheated and both joined in to press as many of the buttons as possible. 
Ok, cheating is bad, but look at all the tickets we won! Look how happy I was! That makes it worth it, right?


  1. I do love Wagamama's, their peach iced tea is just amazing! Funnily enough I really didn't like the yaki soba!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Looks like ye had such a nice time :) wagamamas is my fave place to eat! try to teriyaki salmon oohhh yum!
    I would have chosen to see 22 jump st too aha! 21 jump st is one of my fave films! xo

  3. haha awesome. All you people with happy families ;)

  4. Aw, this looks like such a fun time. Really lovely photos as well. Did you collect any prizes with all those tickets? :)

  5. I looove Wagamama's and the chilli squid is probably my favourite thing on the menu!
    I really want to see the Fault in my Stars but I haven't found anyone willing to go see it with me yet :(

  6. Aww this looks so wonderful Becky!
    I've never been to Wagamamas but I really want to, I love Yo! Sushi.

    I'm back at home for the summer and I'm loving spending time with my sister and brother - just walks along the canal are brilliant!

    I see your brother has your awesome-taste-in-fashion gene to!

    I really need to watch The Fault, but haven't got around to it yet - I read the book so long ago!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  7. Tickets definitely do make it worth it :) I shall definitely have to try and see the film this week at some point!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  8. Love these photos, you're the cutest big sister! That boy certainly has style!

    Sophie x


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