Word of June: Film

Dear Youtube,

I've been thinking about the fun we had in December. You know, when we would hang out several times a week? Those were fun times, and other people seemed to enjoy our relationship too. Then I just got too busy for you. I apologise. I'm sorry for neglecting you and I hope it's not too late to rekindle our relationship.

In order to be BFFs again, I've got two simple goals this month:
  • Film (and actually upload!) four videos
  • Upload two vlogs (Including a birthday vlog)
I'm sure I can meet these targets. I hope we can be friends again. Do you forgive me? 


  1. I hope so, I just subscribed to your channel for some youtube inspiration. I'm intrigued by the whole youtube thing, but I'm sure what I could possible bring to the youtube table.

    1. It's SO difficult to YouTube well. I'm seriously struggling to find the time and it makes me sad!


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