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Before we last went to Salzburg, I suddenly realised that I'd run out of primer. Rich was going into town so he offered to stop off and buy a new one. My plan was for him to pick up a replacement Bare Minerals Prime Time, but it's not stocked in my local store so Rich had the challenge of finding a suitable replacement. Bless him, he tried but he was completely overwhelmed and ended up being convinced by the salesman that the primer containing 'actual flakes of gold'- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer- was the best one. As it turns out, he made a pretty good choice!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer Review


The packaging for this primer screams luxury. Made of heavy glass, with a polished chrome lid and YSL logo, it certainly looks the part. As the glass is transparent, you can see exactly how much is left, which is always handy (it soon transpired that I hadn't actually finished the Bare Minerals primer- it's just that the pump was blocked). This also means you can see the flakes of gold which, as you've probably worked out, aren't actual flakes of gold. As nice as it is, it's really weighty and the possibility of the bottle smashing means I wouldn't pack it for use on the go. One to stay firmly on the dressing table!


After popping off the lid, the pump applicator is revealed. It's a pretty sturdy pump so you have to press quite firmly, but it dispenses the perfect amount straight away. Immediately apparent is the fragrance. I couldn't tell you what it is, other than it smells expensive. It's a delicate, floral scent and it makes the whole application feel like a much more luxurious experience. As it's applied, the light gel consistency glides effortlessly over my skin, even the dry patches, and seems to melt into my pores, leaving a soft, smooth finish with no stickiness.


As well as the smooth feel, Touche Éclat Blur Primer also makes my skin look radiant. The 'flakes of gold' (whatever they actually are) do a fantastic job of reflecting light and giving a glowing appearance. I've found that my foundation applies really smoothly and lasts for ages.

Rich may have panicked but he couldn't have done a better job! The only problem is I've got a taste for luxury now...

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  1. I might have to send Luke shopping and see what he comes home with xx


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