How to create an invoice for your blog

I'd been blogging a good couple of years before I was asked for an invoice and, I'll be honest, it freaked me out! I didn't have the first clue about invoicing. Normally brands and PRs would either just pay by PayPal, or would forward me their own template invoice to fill in. Suddenly I needed to create one from scratch and had nowhere to turn. Thankfully, I managed to scramble something together that was acceptable and I've tweaked it here and there to create my own template, which I'll be sharing with you today. If I save one person from the panic I felt that day, I've done my job!

How do I create an invoice for a sponsored post on my blog?

Summer Empties

For the first time in the almost-four years of this blog, I've decided to start writing empties posts. The reason I've not done them before is because I rarely actually finish a product. I tend to buy loads and then have too many to finish so hopefully this will encourage me to use up my products more! Monthly empties may be more common on blogs but, because I so rarely finish a product, I'll be doing them seasonally instead. 
Summer beauty empties

5 best endings in literature

My favourite part of any book is the ending. The final paragraph can make or break a book for me. I could read the most boring book in the world but if it had a strong ending, I'd completely change my perception. (It doesn't quite work the other way round- I love Harry Potter but, bloomin' heck, that ending was a cop out!) I've raided my bookshelf to choose my top 5 favourite book endings. I daresay there are better endings out there but, y'know, I have yet to read every book in the world! 

List of best book endings ever
In case it wasn't already apparent, this post will contain spoilers! Read on with caution!

OOTD // Blush Pink Dress

This weekend, Rich and I were invited to the wedding of one of his school friend's. Cue frantic panic about having nothing wedding-appropriate to wear. Luckily, and predictably, ASOS were there to rescue me. Phew!

Plus size wedding guest dress

Sponsor Becky Bedbug in September

Oh, September. Not my favourite month, I'll admit. A new school year means back to the day job for another 12 months. However, this time it's different! This is when I start my new hours so I'll have four whole days a week to devote to blogging (what's a weekend?) and I cannot wait! 

Sponsor lifestyle blog
Not only that, but this August has been my best month for traffic ever! Could there be a more perfect time to sponsor? No. No there could not!

For details on the packages I offer and how to puchase, check out my sponsorship page here.

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Review // Lush Skydancer Bath Bomb

As most bloggers will know, Lush have built their brand on promoting causes that improve the world for humans and animals alike. One of the ways they do this is by periodically releasing special limited edition products to raise funds. Right now, the bright Skydancer- Far From the Madding Guns Bath Bomb is in store to fund equipment that will help the endangered hen harrier birds.

Review of the limited edition Lush bath bomb, Skydancer- Far From the Madding Guns, to raise funds for endangered harrier hen chicks