October Wishlist

Are you bored of blogs banging on about autumn yet? Hopefully not because I've got a snuggly autumnal wishlist coming right up! I'm feeling really excited about this autumn in a way I haven't before (possibly because it's not heralding the back-to-work misery!) and I'm celebrating in the best way I know... buying stuff!

Autumn wishlist

Red Fiorelli watch // MAC Viva Glam lipstick // Floral brocade boots // Pineapple candle // Faux fur collar parka // Cream knitted throw // Burgundy velvet skater skirt 


made rodnik shark chair
OMG Kat's shark chair! I must have it!
Disney x Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh Pyjamas
Look how cute Megan is in her Disney x Cath Kidston pyjamas
Paris street style
Jordan looked stunning in Paris!
Kenya safari giraffe
Olivia has been to Kenya and wow! 
Instagram framed photo
Imii's post on the struggles of Instagram is spot on
Pink front door
Pink front door goals right here!
How to write books for children
Bee's post on how to write a children's picture book is so helpful! 
Sunset English cliffs
Carrie's road trip photos are incredibly beautiful
Boo Bath Melt Lush Halloween
I cannot wait to try out the Lush Halloween range! 

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What I learned travelling solo

In 2011, I went to Florida with two friends and the conversation turned to the topic of travelling alone. Laura was shocked when I said I'd probably be happy to visit a foreign country solo but I wasn't sure if I ever would. Five years on, I did it! I spent a week in Austria completely on my own and, despite my confidence, I amazed myself at how well I did! As you can probably imagine, I learned a lot so if you're thinking of giving it a go yourself, read on...

What I learned travelling alone in Austria

101 in 1001 XXXI

September hasn't been the most productive of months and I don't even have an excuse this time! I've barely even left the house this month, so I've had plenty of opportunities to get my goals done and just... haven't. Oops!

#56 Watch 50 new-to-me films 23/50
Image result for thelma and louise
Rich was very surprised to find out I'd never seen Thelma and Louise as it seemed like such a "me" film. Finally I got round to trying it and he was absolutely right. I bloody loved it! 

#84 Eat in 10 new-to-me London restaurants 5/10
Kipferl menu
I've been very cultural this month, eating Korean in Bibimbap and Austrian in Kipferl, which now takes me halfway through my goal. Where should I try next?

My Dentistry Journey

Here's the deal: I hate my teeth. Like, really really hate my teeth. So much, in fact, that I used to Photoshop them before putting photos on Facebook (now I just don't post photos showing my teeth at all, unless they're in shadow or I'm a fair distance from the camera). Finally, I decided enough was enough. I somehow summoned up enough courage to get myself down the dentist and do something about it! 

Dental journey nervous patient
When I mentioned this post on Twitter, a lot of people said it would be helpful to them so I've included as much detail as possible. I want to reassure anybody who is in the same position as I was, make recommendations and also tell you exactly what to expect, so make yourselves comfy because this is going to be a long post!

Review // Lush 29 High Street Shower Gel

Ever since I heard about the 29 High Street perfume, I've been desperate to get my hands on some. Only available in the Kitchen, it promises to smell just like a Lush shop which, as all Lushies know, is the best scent in the world ever (Yeah, yeah, it gives you a headache etc etc) Unfortunately, I've never been fast enough to snap up a bottle. When they announced that 29 High Street shower gel was going to be released, I was ready and waiting. Finally, finally, I got my hands on this mythical fragrance and it was more than I could ever have hoped for.

29 High Street Shower Gel Lush Review

Review // Kipferl Islington

You know how I love Austria? Of course you do, I never shut up about it. Well, I was recently looking up best places to buy stollen in Salzburg (I'm going back at Christmas, you see) and the Google results were less than helpful. Instead they just showed me the best places to buy stollen in London. However one of these places was a cafe called Kipferl which- get this- is an Austrian cafe. A frickin' Austrian cafe in London! You better believe I made a special trip to London just to get some Almdudler. Kipferl menu