Polkadot bikini
Jordan has written a wonderful post about Latitude Festival and look what a freaking babe she is!

#RevealYourFlavour with Volvic

Have you heard about this little thing called the Olympics coming up? Like everyone else in the UK, I'll be rooting for Tom Daley in the diving and I'm positive that he'll do us proud, in spite of his recently-revealed secret: He struggles to swim one length of a 50 metre pool. Volvic managed to tease the revelation out of him as part of their Touch of Fruit Reveal Your Flavour campaign, encouraging people up and down the country to share those sides of their character that have previously been kept hidden. Now, I thought long and hard to come up with a revelation of my own but, erm, I'm just too open. I don't have any secrets or hidden passions. Instead, I've written two lists- one for new readers who won't necessarily know these aspects of my character and one of little facts that I don't think I've revealed before.

Volvic Touch of Fruit Reveal Your Flavour

Review // Balmoral Beefeater, Southampton

Recently, a brand new Beefeater opened up in my hometown. Rich and I have been saying for a while that we'll go to visit it but somehow never get around to it. As luck would have it, Beefeater got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would like to visit their newly revamped Balmoral restaurant in Southampton. It's a fair few miles from the one we keep meaning to visit but a Beefeater is a Beefeater, right? I very happily popped down en route to Ikea for a lovely weekend lunch. Beefeater menu


H&M Blusher

I think I need to try some H&M blushers because this packaging is beaut! 

Review // Superdrug First Impressions

Superdrug recently opened a brand new store at Whiteley Shopping Centre in Fareham. Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit the store so Superdrug very kindly sent me some new and exclusive products to try out. Since there are so many, I've decided on a first impressions post with some more in-depth reviews coming later.

Superdrug make up

What I learned when my tweet went viral

Viral might be the wrong word. My tweet- this tweet- has a grand total of 44 retweets. Yet somehow it's completely exploded. I've now been featured on Buzzfeed, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Metro and I've just found out it's on Cosmopolitan today too. I was even asked on This Morning, before they ignored my replies and just pretended they'd discovered it themselves. Not bitter... This bizarre turn of events has taught me a lot about what it's like to suddenly have the spotlight on your blog for a brief moment. 

What I learned when my tweet went viral

Rylan Book Signing

Fun fact: Rylan was the first person I ever voted for on X Factor. I'd always watch it but, until 2012, never cared enough for a contestant to pick up the phone and actually spend my hard-earned cash on them. Then Rylan came along and I bloody loved him right from the first 10 seconds. One night, Rich was away so I was watching X Factor on my own and saw this performance. I couldn't resist a little cheeky vote (especially as nobody was at home to judge me!). Over the past 4 years, I've been rooting for Rylan all the way and it's legit been my dream to meet him this whole time. Finally, after years of waiting, I had my chance...