An eBook update

Well it's been a fair old while since I mentioned the book, right? What with all the big changes in my personal life (driving, work arrangements and so on), writing has taken a little bit of a back seat. That's not to say I've forgotten it at all! Just that the deadline is going to be a little later than I intended. 

Review // Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo and Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

Another week, another Lush review. What else is new? Sticking with my latest desire for haircare, I've taken on Curly Wurly coconut shampoo and Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume.

Taking the plunge

I only went and did it! As of September, I will be an official part-time blogger. By which I mean, I'll be going part-time in the day job, devoting the rest of my week to blogging professionally. 


For one thing, it will give me a lot more time to work on my blogging career. I'll be teaching three days a week, meaning the remaining four (weekends are extra blog days, in my books!) are for blogging. This means I can devote more time to content and promotion, attend more events, and work on becoming a bonafide pro. I'll be teaching Monday, Tuesday and Friday (so no long weekends, unfortunately!) and it's been structured in a way that means I get all the best parts (teaching, being with the children) without all the paperwork and miscellaneous tasks (displays, assessment meetings, parents' evenings) that take up all my time. I feel like the cat that's got the cream right now- I'll get the best of both worlds and other clich├ęs.


This time last year, I was considering my options in terms of blogging and teaching. It seemed like I'd never be able to make blogging a career as the security of a regular payday, stable career, not to mention pension, was just too much to give up. Then I suddenly realised that I could go part time at work, part time blogging and have both options open. It was so simple that I couldn't believe I'd never though of it before and I figured that was a possible option at some point in the future.

Then, as I've discussed a lot, I became unwell and was signed off for a considerable amount of time. It became apparent that the stresses of teaching were severely affecting my health and I had to do something about it. At the same time, I was being given more opportunities for my blog and things seemed to be really going somewhere. This is the perfect time to take a risk so this week, when I had a meeting with work to discuss the future, we made arrangements for going part time.


With two weeks left until the end of term, I'll be working the remainder full time. Then, of course, we have the summer holidays in which I like to pretend I'm a full time blogger. Once term starts in September, I will be officially part time. I'd be lying if I said I'm not a little nervous. I'll be taking quite a substantial pay cut and I worry that, if it's not for me, I won't be able to go back full time without finding a new school. Mostly, though, I'm really excited and hugely positive about the future.

Wish me luck!

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101 in 1001 XXVIII

Remember how I said my 101 in 1001 goals were really ambitious this time round? Something has happened which is going to make them much easier...

#46 Learn to drive

Finally! Ten years after I became legally allowed to drive, I eventually got round to it and passed on my third test. I am very very proud of myself! Now I visit all the places on my list. Woohoo! 

4 books that always make me cry

Call me crazy, but books that make me cry are my favourite. For an author to create something that emotive is really special- when I care so much about characters that I cry with them. That's the mark of a good book for me, so it's this that makes them some of my favourite books.

Beauty First Impressions

When I collected the results of my reader survey, one respondent said they'd like to see more in the way of beauty first impressions. Lately I've bought a lot of beauty products so it's the perfect time to give this a go! Just like my book speed reviews, I've written mini beauty reviews that are less than 140 characters.

Sponsor Becky Bedbug in July

Holy moly- July is nearly here! July is pretty much one of my favourite months (just behind August and December) because hello! Summer holidays! This year, entering July is not quite as exciting as usual since I've already been off for the past few weeks but I'm still going to be making the most of the summer days! Every single year in July and August, my views shoot right through the roof. They're always the best time of the year for the blog so it's the perfect time to sponsor. I've had a frankly amazing June and, for the first time this year, have hit my Bloglovin' target (not to mention the fact that I'm currently approaching my Twitter target for September already!). Want to get in on the action? Course you do!

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