365 189- 202

189 Messy bedside table.

190 I bought the Rose Lemonade and now I'm a Real Blogger! 
191 Beautiful fairy lights at 2000 Trees Festival. 
 192 Checking out the festival stalls. 

193 Is there anything better than the first shower after a festival?
194 I caved and bought an iPhone

195 Laters, Gove!

196 The prettiest garden!
197 A beautiful view of London.
198 All the B&Q wallpaper samples!

199 I loved this building at the airshow
200 A spot of reading before bed.

201 One of my girls bought me this pretty orchid. 

202 I love the colours in this necklace

22nd July 2014

Dress: New Look*

Goodness me, it's hot! I know everybody is saying this but, you know, I'm British and all, so I must talk about the weather. My poor hair was lovingly straightened a couple of days ago, and now look at it. All puffed up and fluffy again!

Luckily for me, I've just discovered the wonders of bodycon dresses. After shying away from them for years on account of my pot belly, I took the plunge with my Pride dress and I've never looked back. This Aztec-print bodycon dress from New Look is perfect for the sweltering weather we're having at the moment. It has a really comfortable stretch and the cotton stops me feeling sticky. And can we talk about how cute the print is? (By the way, it's currently in the sale!). I love the kaleidoscopic prints and colours in their Electric Feel collection right now: So bright and summery, and suitable for us plus-size girlies too. Hooray!

Review: Lush D'Fluff Shaving Soap

Confession time: I've never used shaving foam. I've always been one of those lazy girls who buys the razor with built-in soap so I don't need to apply it separately. On the other hand, Rich always uses plain old soap to shave his face and I'm forever telling him off for it. So when we saw D'Fluff in Lush, I badgered him until he bought it (it may have had a lot more to do with the name than the actual product). 

In the interests of science, it seemed only fair that I try it out too... On my legs and underarms, not my face! Turns out, it's actually amazing and I am totally converted now!

The consistency is creamy but also quite lumpy. Think clotted cream, but bubblegum pink. Despite the gloopy texture, it spreads smoothly and evenly on to the skin, forming a fine lather. I shaved over the top of the cream as I usually do, and I instantly got a really close shave. It hugely cut down the shaving time. There were no nicks, no scrapes- Just a smooth, close shave.

D'Fluff also smells amazing. It's made from strawberries, so it has that fruity scent, but also a floral hint, which is probably from the rosehip oil. Cocoa butter is also included to moisturise the skin as you shave. 

Afterwards, I was left with ridiculously smooth, soft skin. I am so, so happy to have discovered D'Fluff and I can definitely see myself purchasing it over and over again! Sorry, Rich, you're going to have to share!

21st July 2014

Bodysuit: Primark
Skirt: Primark

Everyone in the blogging world has the red ginham Primark skirt, but I didn't realise until recently that they also sold a black version. It was a bargain in the sale, so I couldn't resist. My red one has a dodgy zip that likes to pop undone at inappropriate moments, so it's lovely to have a brand spanking new skirt. I love the shape and length of this. It's perfect for work, and the muted colour makes it ideal for those cloudy summer days where it's hot, but not sunny enough to run around in bright colours. You know the days I mean! 

Farnborough Airshow

I've lived in close proximity of Farnborough Airport for my entire life, so the biennial airshow has been a constant fixture over my past 26 years. Whether crying aged 6 because the noise scared me or working in the airport cafe aged 16 and hating every moment of it, every other summer has been punctuated by the roars of soaring jets overhead. However, not once have I actually visited the airshow itself and this year was the year I changed that!

Before the 5 hour flying display (!) began, we had a mooch around the Space Zone. There, we got talking to a man who told us all about how infrared cameras are helping us discover more about different galaxies. It was fascinating!

After looking around, we found a spot outside to watch the beginning of the flying display. Unfortunately, it was a pretty cloudy day but we could still see the planes perfectly well. 

Despite the cloud, it was really hot and muggy, so we didn't stay around too long. After watching the last remaining flying Vulcan bomber on what is likely to be her last flight at Farnborough, we had a look around the stalls before heading home. 
 I definitely think I'll go again one year, but it will have to be a cool day and I'll be sure to take some chairs with me. People come prepared! 

20th July 2014

Romper: Primark

Obviously this isn't a real outfit post. I don't exactly leave the house looking like this! I have, however, been wearing it all around the house (sans leggings, but nobody wants to see my thighs on here!). It's the most ridiculous comfy thing I've ever worn and ponies! Can't go wrong with ponies. 

House of Fraser Christmas in July

Last week, I was very kindly invited along to the House of Fraser Christmas in July event. It was the most surreal thing, surrounded by Christmas trees in heat pushing the 30s! 

The House of Fraser press rooms have the most beautiful view over the rooftops of London!

Of course, there was ample Christmas decoration inspiration.

However, there were also lots of lovely gifts on display, including several gorgeous candles. 
As well as all the wonderful decorations and gift ideas, there were lots of sparkly, sequinned party dresses. Perfection!
Surrounding myself with all the festive goodies has made me really excited for the Christmas season! Only 158 days to go... 
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