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Ooh, October is one of my favourite months! At the end of the month, I have a Halloween Week planned so it's going to be a lot of fun. September was a great month. In fact, it was the biggest month my blog has ever had, so I definitely think I'm on an upwards slope. It's a great time to advertise!

Let's look at what you get:
  • An advert in my sidebar for 30 days
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Let's take a peek at the stats:
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Advertisements start from £6 ($10), so there's an option for all budgets. If advertising's not your thing, there are other ways you can get involved, such as sponsored posts and PR reviews. For all the information, take a look at my sponsorship page here 

Review: Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask

Step aside, face masks. There's a new favourite in town. Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask is incredible! It's an odd one, because when you sniff the pot, you only get a tiny hint of lavender. Lavender is my favourite smell in the world (aside from chlorine!), so the key ingredient here was why I bought it, even though I could only detect that small fragrance. However, once it's on your face, you end up bathing in the wonderful soothing aromas of lavender oil and it's amazing!
Love Lettuce has a really interesting consistency. It contains ground almond shells, which gives it a bit of grit and ends up as a gentle exfoliant. Other ingredients include seaweed, honey and almond oil, so it's jam-packed with lovely nutrients for your skin.

As I applied Love Lettuce, I became insanely relaxed and soothed. I actually left the mask on for a lot longer than recommended as I couldn't bear to take it off! Afterwards, my skin felt smooth and soft, although admittedly not as replenished as some other masks, such as Cosmetic Catastrophe and Cupcake. It was well worth it for the experience alone, though. This is the perfect mask for the end of a long, hard day! 

The Language of Love

As Brits, many of us tend to keep our true feelings under wraps, but French fashion label La Redoute has created a beautiful campaign in which they ask viewers to really think about the language of love, encouraging us to be a little more French and speak from the heart. Although I probably tell Rich I love him a little too much, I find it a lot more difficult to be open with my family. With a little prompting from La Redoute, I've decided to open up and share how I really feel.

Dear Grandma, Thank you for inspiring me in every aspect of my life: Career, relationships and, of course, style. Thank you for trusting in me and believing in everything I've done. Thank you for supporting me and taking me in when I was in times of need, even if you didn't fully understand my reasons. Thank you for giving me a model of life and family to aspire to. Thank you for instilling your passions in me from a young age- It's because of you that I read, learn and teach. Thank you for providing us with a stable home growing up. Thank you for always being there and always thinking of me. I love you with all my heart. 

Dear Mummy, (Yes, I'm 26 years old and I call my mum "Mummy"!) Thank you for doing everything in your power for me & Jamie growing up. Thank you for putting up with me even when I was an angsty teen. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us and I'm sorry I didn't appreciate them at the time. Thank you for never judging me and for letting me live my own life and make my own mistakes. Thank you for always making me laugh with the silly things you get up to. And thank you for passing on your genes to me- I hope I look as young as you do in the future! 

Jamie & Myles
Dear Jamie, Thank you for always being there for me growing up (apart from the 15 months before you were born, of course!). Thank you for putting up with me getting bored and hanging up on you all the time. Thank you for telling me questionable, inappropriate jokes and telling me whenever something macabre is in the papers. Thank you for understanding my love for Alan Rickman and for buying me Snape's wand that time. 
Dear Myles, Thank you for making me laugh more than anybody else can. Thank you for going to see girly films with me even when you really don't want to. Thank you for still saying sweet things even though you're a too-cool-for-school teenager now. Thank you for being the little brother I always wanted (I'm joking, Jamie!). 

I truly love all of you, even if I don't say it enough. Thank you for being my family. 

101 in 1001 XXII

After the crazy jam-packed month in August, September has been a lot more relaxed in terms of my goals

#12 Attend an event
Helen and I were invited along to the Thomas Sabo opening in Southampton.

#13 Meet a blogger in real life
I met a whole host of bloggers at London Fashion Week, including the very beautiful Ellie.

#19 Attend London Fashion Week
Marie and I popped down to Somerset House to check out some of the London Fashion Week street style

#60 Put up a shelf
Ok, I didn't put up the shelf myself, but Rich stuck a few up. I have a proper post coming soon, but here's a peek. 

#96 Read 75 books (76/75)
Yay! I did it! Wonder if I can make it to 100 before my 1001 days are up?

#101 Watch all the films
I finally got round to watching the 1962 version of Lolita. I was surprised to find that the 1997 remake was almost identical in terms of the script. 

After I finished reading The Book Thief, I also watched the film adaptation. Although it's unusually true to the novel, I somehow found it a lot more beautiful than the soul-destroying heartbreak of the book. 

Review: Benefit Majorette and Dandelion Blush

Unless you've been living under a rock with no wifi (I know, rocks don't have wifi but work with me here), you will have heard about the brand new launch from Benefit Cosmetics: Majorette. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a bit of a Benefit fan girl so I was over the moon when this very special package arrived at my door. 

As well as my own pot of Majorette, as well as a box of Dandelion, I had my very own personalised mug. Since my parents decided to make my full name Becky, I've had to live my whole life without personalised gifts (or worse, gifts emblazoned with Rebecca because "it was the closest they had"). Honestly, having a mug with my real, full name on is the most exciting thing for me! It also has a cheeky man in the shower and a cute majorette sneaking a peek! (Have you spotted what I've spotted?)


Majorette comes in a sturdy plastic pot, which I really like. As much as I love the Box o' Powders, I worry about them being crushed in my bag. No such worries with this packaging! It has a handy mirror on the inside of the lid too, so you can apply it on the move.

In the pot, the cream blush has a coral-peach shade, which applies pretty much exactly the same shade on my skin. The consistency is fantastically creamy, so it blends well, and, although it's fairly subtle at first, it's easy to build up to as bold a look as you like. My favourite thing, however, is that it smells like watermelon (although the actual scent is peach and pomegranate, it smells like melon to me!). As soon as I'd applied it, I was running up to Rich saying "Smell my face!" I don't know why this pleases me so much, but I guess it's not a bad thing to smell fruity!

I don't often wear orange-based blushes, so this is quite a new experience for me. Since most of my lipsticks are pink, they tend to look a bit clownish with this blush. I'm still experimenting with the perfect nude shade to complement my cheeks. 

Back in 2009, I nearly purchased Dandelion, but decided it was too subtle for me. Since then, it is the only Benefit blush I hadn't tried, so it was on the top of my list. How perfect that I was sent this box! 
Like all of the Box o' Powders, Dandelion is contained in a card box that, while sturdy, I still prefer to keep in the safety of my home rather than stuffing into my bag. When I do decide to venture out with it, however, there is that convenient mirror on the inside and the small brush which, while not the most effective brush out there, is certainly handy in a pickle.
As I suspected all those years ago, Dandelion is very subtle. However, as I have pale skin, it still shows on my cheeks, even if I have to layer it on a bit. The powder consistency applies well and stays put throughout the day, and the pretty pink shade is more in my comfort zone. I maintain that Benefit's blushers are the best on the market. 

Psst, by the way, do you want to know a secret? You can use Majorette under any blush to give it a little zhoosh. Ok, that wasn't really a secret. Tell everyone! 

28th September 2014

Top: Primark
Skirt: Primark

It had been a little while since I'd had a payday Primark binge, so I rectified that this week. There are some really lovely autumnal pieces at the moment, such as this thick burgundy skirt. It's just like the Topshop skater skirts but only £8. Billy bargain! 

Rich and I went for a little walk in the park, which was the perfect opportunity to break out my inflatable backpack from Joe Blogs. I love it! 

Review: Crocs

Caution: This post contains photos of my feet!

I have a terrible admission to make: I bought Crocs. In fact, I bought two pairs of Crocs. I know I'm an awful, awful blogger! In my defense, I was on holiday, my feet were aching and everybody seemed to be wearing Crocs. I would stand in the ride queues and stare jealously at their comfy feet as mine cried out from their Primark ballet flats. One day, in the Animal Kingdom gift shop, I made the mistake of trying on a pair of Crocs flip flops. Oh my sweet lord, it was the most amazing thing. It was like stepping into a cloud! Unfortunately, they were $60 and I figured that was just too much to spend on a pair of flip flops. 

The next day, we visited the mall, and Laura pointed out a Crocs shop. We made the best decision of our short lives and decided to pay a visit. After quite a while, trying on near enough every pair in the shop, I decided to buy the black Kadee shoes. I figured they were subtle enough to not look like Crocs, and versatile enough to wear with anything. Plus, they would be ideal for work.
Let me tell you: They are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn in my life. I'm pretty certain the sole is padded with feathers and it has little nodules to give your feet a little massage with every step. The downside? They're made of rubber. Not only does this cause several static electric shocks a day but, as you might imagine, they are very hot and sweaty. Not so bad in England, but in Florida, my feet were sliding around all over the place. My poor feet also became very swollen and, as a result, rubbed horrendously against the solid, unwielding rubber heel. 

The solution? Buy the flip flops! 

Oh, my glorious, sweet, Disney x Crocs flip flops! The greatest joy my feet have ever experienced! I don't even wear flip flops but take the feather-filled sole of my Kadee shoes, with the added bonus of no blister-inducing heels and you have The Best Shoes In The World. Seriously. Even the toe post is made of fabric so it doesn't rub or chafe. 

I should probably state at this point that this post is in no way sponsored by Crocs. I am just so overwhelmed with my love for these shoes that I think everybody should rethink the way they look at these poor, misunderstood things of beauty. Open your minds! Embrace the cushioning! Your feet will thank you for the rest of your life. 
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