101 in 1001 XXVII

Wow, April has been a good month for achieving my goals! I should quit work more often...

#19 Visit Oxford
Oxford Architecture
Helen and I visited Oxford but it wasn't quite what we were expecting! 

Oxford Day Trip

Last spring, Helen and I popped over to Bath for a day trip. This year, we decided to do arrange another day trip and settled on another historic city- Oxford. I'd never been before, and Helen had only been for one brief visit years ago, so we were excited to explore. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to do any research before we went so, once we arrived, we weren't really sure what to do. Oxford Architecture


Disneyland Paris As A Day Trip: The Ultimate Guide
Imii's guide to a Disneyland Paris day trip is super helpful! 
Personalised bomber jackets hen do
Carrie's explained how she created the gorgeous personalised bomber jackets for her hen do.
Oreo squishy squares recipe
How good do Siobhan's Oreo Squishy Squares look?
New Look pink skirt
Look how pretty Jordan is! Look at her! 

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Nails // Bright Pink

When I got my nails done last week, it was a bright sunny day and I was feeling really optimistic. Last time, I'd been set on Essie Mod Square and decided against it, so this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Unfortunately, when I got to the salon, I couldn't find this particular bottle anywhere so had to settle on a different pink shade.

Bright red pink almond stiletto nails

Vienna Kaisergruft

Don't worry- this is the last Austria post. You can all breathe a sigh of relief! When we checked into our hotel in Vienna, we were given a map with all the local attractions. Quickly scanning through the list, I saw something called the Funeral Museum which was located at Zentralfriedhof- Central Cemetery, which happens to be the 9th largest in the world. Of course, I got really excited, until I discovered it was a 20 minute drive out of the city centre. Since we were only in Vienna for one night, I didn't really have time so, instead, Rich suggested the Kaisergruft. To be honest, I wasn't really listening to him when he discovered it so I didn't know what it was. Something to do with emperors was my best bet. Still, I didn't have any better ideas and it was a 5 minute walk from our hotel so I agreed to go. Bronze coffin shadows

OOTD // 70s Keyhole Dress

I took a risk with this dress and man, did it pay off! When I saw it on ASOS, I wasn't sure about the silhouette. It was listed as a babydoll dress so I thought it may look a little shapeless on me and I was worried about the high collar, but I loved the print, the sleeve:skirt proportions and, of course, that cute keyhole detail at the front. In the end, I took a chance and bought it, fully expecting to return it. How wrong I was!

Plus size 1970s look ASOS Curve

Review // Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

As soon as I started devoting more time to my eyebrow maintenance, I began thinking about brow products. Of course every beauty blogger raves about Anastasia Beverly Hills so I popped a couple of bits on my Christmas list. I quickly found out that there is a good reason why these products are so popular! Rather than jumping in the deep end with Dip Brow, I decided to start with baby steps and experiment with my Brow Wiz pencil first.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Product Reviews