Hello there!

I'm Becky, I'm 23 years old and I'm a primary school teacher living in the south of England.

I love fashion, my camera and Diet Pepsi.

Oh, and this is me:

I'm attempting a 365 project next year to improve my skills in using the Nikon I bought almost a year ago and hardly use. I'll be taking one photo every day, armed with my limited knowledge of Photoshop from a 5 year old graphic design A level, and posting it up here.

One of the most fun things about teaching is trying to find decent clothes to wear. There are many challenges I face in choosing an outfit- not too short, not too low cut, not too tight, no light colours (paint and felt tip pens are abound), no vintage, nothing too flowy (playground duty on a windy day would spell disaster in a flippy skirt), nothing too extravagant and, as my school's colour is red, nothing red. Unfortunately red happens to be my favourite colour but I really don't fancy being confused for one of the children.

With this extensive- but not exhaustive- list, choosing nice outfits that reflect my own style is tricky. It's very easy to fall into the "teacher trap" of grey trousers and a plain jumper. I am determined not to let this happen to me so every morning I will snap a quick shot of myself as I leave and post the photos up here.

I think that's everything you need to know. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to check out the Topshop sale.


  1. I love the
    "I do not want to confused with the children".

    I find when I'm on placement in Primary School I can NEVER find what to wear, it's a real struggle!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com


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