101 in 1001 XXXVII

My first 101 in 1001 recap since I started my new goals! I worked really hard to make my new goals realistic so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about getting at least 75% completed. I've got off to a very good start!

#30 See 15 shows

De Profundis Vaudeville Theatre

1/15 I adore Oscar Wilde, so I was thrilled to see the Vaudeville Theatre are staging their Oscar Wilde season- an entire year celebrating his work. Right at the end of December, I saw A Woman of No Importance, but that was before these 1001 days began. Just after New Year, I went to see Simon Callow in the one-man production of De Profundis: the letter Wilde wrote to his lover while incarcerated in Reading Gaol. It was incredibly powerful and I was struck by Callow's use of his hands to add to his performance (I wondered if this is a classic thespian thing as Alan Rickman- love of my life- always acted with his hands too). Currently showing is Lady Windermere's Fan until April so I really must make time to go and see it. 

#31 Read 150 books

Pile of books

15/150 Last January, I read 14 books so I worked really hard to beat that and juuuust managed to squeeze in 15 this month. Not too shabby! I know they're mostly little books but it makes me feel good to knock out as many as I can in the first month, then I can relax a little for the rest of the year. My yearly goal is 65 so I'm well on track! 

#37 Visit 20 new-to-me museums

Walker Gallery Liverpool

2/20 It was my sister's 15th birthday in January, so I secretly visited Liverpool to surprise her by turning up on her doorstep. I booked a hotel in the city centre for a couple of nights so I could make the most of visiting, and had a nose around two art galleries- Walker Gallery and Tate Liverpool. 

#73 Donate blood

Give blood UK

I did it! I've written a whole post about my experience giving blood so I won't repeat myself now. I'll just say I'm very glad I did it and I can't wait for my next appointment.

#89 Visit 10 new-to-me restaurants

Moose Coffee Liverpool

1/10 While in Liverpool, my idiot brother left his sunglasses in my car and merrily headed back to his home in the city's suburbs before he realised. He was at work the next day so couldn't get them, but his friend worked in Moose Coffee just around the corner from my hotel (hi Tyler!) I popped in to give him Jamie's sunglasses and he convinced me to stay for some lunch. I'm glad I did because the scrambled egg bagel was delicious and I couldn't stop thinking about it for a week after. If you're in Liverpool, you should definitely check it out. And say hello to Tyler. 

Not bad going, right? I did plan to visit Farnborough Abbey too but they only do tours Saturdays at 3pm and every weekend I've woken up late then can't be bothered to put make up on. I know, I'm terrible! 

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  1. You're cracking on with your goals - way to go! I like to do the same when it comes to reading goals - get ahead of myself in January, then I can relax a little for the rest of the year! x x


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