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Some people would call me stubborn. I prefer to say I'm determined. If I set my sights on something, I'm going to do everything I can to achieve it, regardless of what other people think. It's this attitude which made me need this jumper with a burning passion.

New Look Actually I Can jumper

Jumper: New Look (similar here)
Skirt: New Look
Leggings: Evans
Boots: ASOS (similar here)

Plus size pink jumper
I had a bit of a nightmare with finding the pink jumper because it was sold out completely on the New Look site, but I eventually found one on a German resale site. It was only available in a size down but thankfully the knit is nice and stretchy so, although the arms were a little tight to begin with, it mostly fit perfectly. I also ended up with a close fit which I tend to prefer in knitwear, rather than a baggy look. Isn't it funny how I went to such lengths to track down this jumper for myself. Think I can't find it when it's sold out? Actually I can.
pink jumper black skater skirt
This post has shown me that I am in desperate need of new skirts. I wear this black skater skirt with absolutely everything! It's just so easy to throw on- so comfortable and so versatile! Maybe I'll make it a goal over the summer to buy some different skirts. I'm sure I can manage to find some slightly different black ones so I can still get the versatility of the shade without wearing the same damn skirt every single time. 
Cute plus size outfit
Finally, a quick note on these photos, which were taken by my wonderful friend Ami. I'm so, so proud of how far she has come in her photography career and I'm thrilled that now she's started shooting bloggers alongside her music photography. We had so much fun taking these photos- something I really love about Ami is that you can mess about and try silly things, and she won't think you're an idiot. In fact, some of the joke photos we took ended up being some of my favourites (but I won't post them here because I was pretending to be a dainty, elegant fashion blogger and, although the shots look very convincing, you all know I'm not like that at all and I'll feel like a fraud!) She really makes you feel at ease and she's super talented, so if you're looking for a photographer to work with, I 100% recommend Ami. Check out her Instagram here for more examples of her work. 
pink actually I can top
Ami also took photos of a second outfit so I'll be posting those next week. Bet you can't guess what skirt I wore!
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  1. YESS THESE SHOTS!! amazing <3

  2. I love this outfit, especially the jumper and it looks amazing on you! xx

  3. I've loved the sentiment of this slogan ever since I spotted it on insta - mainly because I'm the same... my family call me stubborn, but I'm actually just proper determined to the things I want to!

    You look fab, Becky :)

    Soph x |


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