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Isn’t it funny how when you’re a child, you’d do anything to avoid going to bed, but then you become an adult and suddenly the most important thing in the world is getting as much sleep as possible? The only problem then, of course, is that you rely on optimal conditions to get a good night’s sleep. Rather than falling asleep wherever you happen to be, you need a dark room, quiet surroundings and, most importantly, a comfortable mattress. This is where Leesa comes in. Specialising in simplified, three-layer foam mattresses, Leesa are committed to giving everyone the best sleep possible, and gave me the opportunity to trial one of their mattresses to try out the experience for myself.

Leesa Mattress


Before we get into my experience, let’s first take a look at the Leesa brand. The idea behind Leesa is to take mattresses back to their simple beginnings. Take out all the gimmicky fuss and instead focus on what really makes the perfect sleeping conditions. Based on this, the Leesa mattress has three layers of foam- a supportive base, a memory foam core that adapts to your sleeping position, and topped off with a thin cooling layer to keep air flowing throughout the night.

Leesa Mattress Review
As well as creating the ultimate mattress, Leesa are committed to giving back to the world. With mattress donations to organisations that benefit the homeless and vulnerable, and with tree plantings to help the environment, the social awareness of Leesa is a huge bonus.


I’ve personally bought one mattress in my life, and that was a pretty traditional experience. The delivery guys came round in a massive lorry, dumped a king size mattress in my front room, and left me to try and squeeze it up the stairs, pure Ross-from-Friends-Pivot! style. My Leesa delivery was completely different. It arrives in a long cuboid box with the mattress rolled up like a Swiss roll inside. Even though I knew there was an entire mattress in there, it was difficult to equate the size of my bed with this pretty small box. This was super handy, as I had to leave it sitting downstairs for a few days until I had the opportunity to sort out the old mattress. Rather than having a giant mattress propped against the wall, I just had a neat box tucked to one side. Perfect.
Best foam mattress
When it came time to swap the mattresses over, I followed the simple instructions printed on the box: place the rolled-up mattress in position on the bed, remove the packaging and unroll. Easy! At first, the mattress is compressed and thin but over the next few hours it puffs up to its full size. I’d been doing some research and read about the possibility of a slightly chemical smell. There was a slight plastic-y smell, due to the packaging I think, so I left the mattress to air without sheets for as long as possible. It wasn’t offensive or strong, and only lasted a few days, getting fainter with each night. Now it’s completely disappeared, so don’t be alarmed when you first open it.
Leesa Mattress UK
I couldn’t wait to finally sleep on my brand new mattress. Let me tell you, going from an old, cheap sprung mattress with twisted, broken springs to this foamy cloud of heaven was quite an experience! Initially, it’s quite firm (although soft to the touch so it doesn’t feel at all hard), but as time goes by, the mattress slowly moulds itself around me, while keeping that supportive firmness. My weight is supported evenly and no matter what position I lie in, I feel ridiculously comfortable. It makes a welcome change from having my foot in a sunken divot and having to avoid the spot with a sticky-out spring! Having not used a foam mattress before, I started to worry about things I never imagined would cross my mind, like edge support. Thankfully I’ve found the mattress is reinforced throughout, so there’s no risk of me slipping off the edge in the middle of the night. Another thing I really love, purely for the childish joy of it, is how high the mattress is. When I sit on the edge with my feet dangling over the side, my toes only just skim the floor. I genuinely jump into bed every night feeling like I’m in a hotel bed. Of course, with all this comfort and support, I’m sleeping like a baby too. During this heatwave, I’ve found I’m much cooler than I usually am even in a more typical summer. Having a bedroom in the attic means it gets very very warm during the summer months so this is a huge bonus. I’m absolutely thrilled with the comfort of my bed these days.

Leesa Mattress UK review

Before trying out my Leesa mattress, I had no idea how much difference it could make to my sleep. I’m sleeping so much better and I experience genuine joy every time I get into bed. The only problem now is that I never want to get out!

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Mattress was provided by Leesa in exchange for review, but all opinions and experience my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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  1. I love memory foam mattresses now that I've finally upgraded and bought one. I too had only ever had a creaky springy one and it came with the house. I'm never going back to that

  2. Wow, seems like a great mattress!


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