This summer, I will be self-publishing my very first book and to say I'm excited is an understatement! My as-yet-untitled book will be a textbook-stroke-workbook all about organising yourself as a blogger. 


Oh yes, you read that correctly! Any tweets, links to posts and other snippets will be on Twitter with the hashtag #BookyBedbug (Thanks Lisa for the amazing suggestion!). Feel free to use the hashtag to ask me any questions you have! 

I will also be hosting Q&A sessions on Periscope where you can ask me anything you like about the book, my writing process, publishing strategies and so on! My first session will be Thursday 4th June at 8pm.


What is your book about?
It will be all about organising yourself as a blogger with advice, case studies and practical activities to help make the most efficient use of your blogging time. At the moment, I'm also looking into the practicalities of including downloads and printables as a free gift to everyone who buys a copy.

Chapters in my book will include:
  • Creating and maintaining a posting schedule and editorial calendar
  • Writing and promoting posts using scheduling
  • Making the most efficient use of social media
  • Recording statistics and tracking goals
  • Keeping on top of emails, PR communication, advertising and events

Why did you decide this topic?
Many moons ago, I wrote a post called Organising Yourself as a Blogger. It was really popular and I still get messages about it today. Since I'm pretty proud of my ability to organise my blogging life and pack my time with the most efficient activities, it made sense to elaborate on my original post. It's something I'm confident in writing about and offering advice on.

Will you include tech advice such as HTML and SEO?
This book won't be delving into the technical side for a simple reason: I don't feel qualified enough to justify charging for a book on my tech advice. I'm still learning all of the technical stuff myself, and heavily rely on Google to do so. Including this in my book would basically be rehashing advice I've read from people better qualified and experienced than me to talk about it, and that wouldn't be fair to anyone. There will be some guidance on technical areas that I'm more confident with, such as Google Analytics and domain authority, but this will not be a tech-orientated book. 

Will you include advice on monetising, working with brands or making friends?
As my book is focusing on organisation, there won't be too much detail on issues such as working with brands, finding inspiration, making friends etc. However, I will talk about how to organise yourself with these elements such as developing a system for PR samples and keeping on top of communication. 

Who is your target audience?
The book aimed at those bloggers who have already started and have some understanding of the blogging industry. Rather than creating a how-to-blog guide, it's more of a way to develop your organisational skills within the blogging you already do. This doesn't mean it's only for experienced bloggers but I am writing on the assumption that readers have some prior knowledge of blogging.

How much will it be?
Right now I'm looking into different prices and will have an answer shortly.

What will the format be?
Originally I planned for this to be an eBook but I've discovered some print-on-demand services which will allow you to purchase a paperback or hardback if you prefer. However, bear in mind that the costs involved in printing a physical book mean the price will be higher than electronic copies. 

What will the title be? 
I'm not sure at the moment! It will be announced before too long though!

Why did you decide to write a book?
For about a year now, I've had an idea for a book blossoming in my mind but it never felt like the right time to get started. Then I read Regina's post all about her InFoBoMo project and it felt like the push I needed! I'm not going to be writing my original idea right now since it's quite ambitious but perhaps I'll save it for another day if this one works out!

Why do you keep banging on about your blooming book?
Marketing, yo. Building up suspense, drumming up hype and all that!


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