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I was blessed with inheriting my dad's thick, dark hair. Not only on my head but also all over my face. Cheers, Jeremy! Since I was 15, I've spent my days bleaching, waxing and plucking it to try and achieve smooth-faced silkiness, but I've always intended to undergo laser hair removal at some point. In fact, it's one of the 101 in 1001 goals I wrote three years ago. As fate would have it, Skin Image Manchester got in touch to ask if I would like to review one of their laser hair removal treatments. This was my chance and I was going to grab it with both hands! I felt a little apprehensive, but this was something I'd been planning for fourteen years, so I was going to conquer my nerves and go for it.

Skin Image Manchester


The more perceptive amongst you may have realised that Manchester is nowhere near me. However, my brother lives up that way and it had been a long time since I'd paid him a visit so I figured this was my perfect opportunity to finally make the journey up north. I treated myself to a hotel near Piccadilly Gardens and this turned out to be a good choice since the clinic is only a 10 minute walk away, just off from the Town Hall. Inside, the clinic is bright and airy, with squishy sofas to relax while you wait. The staff are friendly so even though I was a little nervous, I was put immediately at ease.


Before they unleash the full laser beam on you, you need to have a consultation and patch test first. This started with filling out a questionnaire to test your suitability for the treatment with questions such as your skin type, your hair type and your medical history. At this point, I was a little nervous that it would turn out I was unsuitable but after my therapist, Rachel, looked over my answers, she said I had the perfect skin/hair combination for the best results. So at least that's something!
Rachel was an absolute peach! So funny and bubbly, she explained every aspect of the procedure with me so I knew exactly what to expect. After discussing the area where I wanted the treatment (upper lip and chin), she started up the machine and the nerves kicked in. This didn't help when she gave me some pretty sturdy goggles to wear. I guess it's natural to feel nervous when you have a big ol' laser beam pointing at your face but actually it was nothing like I expected. The machine blows out cold air to offset the heat of the laser, so I just felt a bit of a chill as Rachel placed the tip against my chin and zapped it. Just me, as always, worrying over nothing!

Laser Hair Removal Machine
Immediately afterwards, there was absolutely no redness or sensitivity so it looked like all was going well. Rachel advised me to keep an eye on it over the week but I had no problems whatsoever, so I was good to go for my full treatment a week later. I had to shave my face before the treatment, which was a strange new experience, but one I was willing to undergo in order to finally have laser hair removal.


When I returned to Rachel with my face freshly shaved for the full hair-zapping experience, I felt much calmer. I knew I was comfortable in her company so I felt completely at ease asking her to take photos of me with the sexy goggles on. She didn't bat an eyelid and even took multiple angles so I could choose the best ones. What a star! Then, glamorous photoshoot over, it was time to crack on with the hair removal.

Becky the Frog
We started with the chin and it felt exactly as it did before- just a chilly blast of air being passed over my skin. When it came to the top lip, though, things were different. It didn't hurt at all, but I wasn't prepared for the smell of burning hair wafting up to my nostrils. Not pleasant but also somehow weirdly satisfying! The other problem with the top lip was the difficulty breathing- I had to squeeze my lips together to pull the skin taut so I couldn't breathe through my mouth, but the air from the machine shot up my nostrils meaning I couldn't breathe that way either. Rachel was very patient though and just zapped a couple of times before giving me a break to take a breath, and she urged me to raise my hand at any time if I needed to stop. Although it felt very odd, it wasn't at all painful or uncomfortable. Even better, it took a grand total of about 5 minutes, much to my surprise. As with the patch test, my face didn't experience any redness or sensitivity afterwards and I was amazed by how easy the whole experience was.


Rachel told me that the hairs would stick around for a couple of weeks before starting to fall out, and I was to allow them to fall out naturally for the most effective result. This was exactly what I experienced. I really struggled for the next fortnight with my stubbly face as I wanted nothing more than to rip all the hairs out. However, I managed to suppress all my natural instincts and leave them alone. Sure enough, around two weeks later, I noticed the hairs would start to drop out if I rubbed my hand over my face. It felt very satisfying seeing them fall out one-by-one!

After another month or so, I noticed the hairs starting to grow back, as I had been warned. This is the point where it's recommended you make your next appointment, but I was waiting until after my crazy busy schedule had settled down. Still, I noticed the hairs were much sparser and seemed less thick, even after just the one treatment.

I'm very glad I finally had the opportunity to try laser hair removal. I'll definitely be booking the full course soon and, after having such great results after one treatment, I can't wait to see how successful a whole course will be. With my experience being so enjoyable, I recommend Skin Image to anybody in the Manchester area. I promise you won't regret it! 

Patch test, consultation and one treatment of laser hair removal was offered to me by Skin Image in exchange for review, but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I’d be worried about the pain but it sounds very tolerable! I’d definitely want to give it a go x

  2. I too am 'blessed' with too much thick, dark hair so this seems like a magical way to deal with it!


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