101 in 1001 XXXVIII

As I said in my last 101 in 1001 post, the first of this third list, I've made a conscious effort to make sure my goals are realistic. I've set up a little spreadsheet and everything so I can plan when I'm going to achieve them and tick them off when they're completed. This new approach means I've got off to a really great start, with ten in progress, three completed and a further twelve arranged for the next couple of months. I'm determined to get as much done as possible this time! 

#1 Visit 10 new-to-me foreign cities 1/10

Copenhagen Little Mermaid Statue

Back in March, I popped over to Copenhagen for a little solo day trip. It was my first experience of flying somewhere for a day, and my 8 hours in Denmark were the perfect way to visit a new city (and a new country, for that matter) without using up a lot of time and money. I'm already looking into potential cities for my next day trip.

#5 Return to 5 foreign cities 1/5

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
I tend to prefer to visit new places rather than return to those I've already experienced. There are just so many cities in the world I want to experience, and I don't have forever to spend visiting them! However, there are some places I just can't resist returning to (hello, Salzburg!). One of these places is Orlando, which I try to visit on a triennial basis (that's once every three years, thank you Google). My fourth visit came around much, much sooner than anticipated though, when I nominated my mum for a place on the plane with Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. Not only did she win a ticket, but she only went and bloody took me with her! It was a truly wonderful experience- I'm not ashamed to admit this has been my ultimate dream since they introduced the grand finale holidays three years ago.

#26 Visit three American states 1/3

Universal Studios Orlando
Obviously my trip to Orlando means I've ticked Florida off and now I only have two states to go. 

#30- See 15 shows 3/15

At the beginning of February, I went to see Everybody's Talking About Jamie- the true story about an aspiring teenage drag queen and the prejudice he faces. It's absolutely stunning. I'd booked myself into a box so I was on my own and I'm so glad I did, because I had tears streaming down my face. It's uplifting, emotional and one of the best shows I've seen. You must go and see it!

While in Florida, part of our prize package was tickets to see the Blue Man Group. It was... an experience. To be honest, we were kind of freaked out by the whole thing and just didn't 'get' it. When the family next to us left early, we took our chance and ducked out with them. I've never left a theatre early before but life's too short to sit in the dark watching silent men in rubber pretend to vomit on stage. 

#31 Read 150 books 28/150

Stack of books

My goal for 2018 is 65 books which is ambitious, seeing as it took me three years to finally crack 50 a year, but I've managed to start the year really far ahead of myself. I'm currently on 28 so it's looking good! (These are the books I read in January because I haven't got round to taking photos of this month's stack. Deal with it)

#37 Visit 20 new-to-me museums 3/20

SMK Copenhagen
While in Copenhagen, I popped into the SMK art museum. When paired with the two museums & galleries I visited in Liverpool in January, that takes my total up to three. 

#38 Visit Cass Foundation Sculpture Park

Cass Foundation Sculpture Park
Way back when I was doing my undergrad, as part of my art module we went on a field trip to Cass Foundation Sculpture Park. I really enjoyed it and on the way back, promised myself that when I learned to drive, I'd take myself there. Almost three years after passing my driving test, I finally fulfilled my promise and had a lovely couple of (rainy) hours soaking up the sculpture goodness. 

#49 See 10 exhibitions 1/10

Harry Potter and the History of Magic Exhibition
I visited the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library and it was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately it's finished now but you can buy the accompanying book here and if you're interested in the Wizarding World, I really recommend it. 

#73 Donate blood

Donating blood experience UK

I donated blood for the first time in January and I've just had my second experience. I can't believe it took me so long! It's so easy and such a small act to make such a huge difference.

Read about my experience here

#89 Visit 10 new-to-me restaurants 5/10

Chocolate Emporium Orlando
Well, Orlando certainly helped me out here! Over the week, I visited four restaurants that I hadn't been to before: Vivo (delicious Italian food!), Chocolate Emporium (super friendly- and attractive- bar staff, and you should definitely try the cheese & broccoli soup), Antojitos (lively Mexican place) and the ridiculously fun New Orleans-inspired Pat O'Brien's. With all the travelling I've got planned this summer, I definitely think I've set my goal too low!

#90 Visit 10 new-to-me Hard Rock Cafes 1/10

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando
I know it's not exactly classy but I cannot resist a Hard Rock Cafe! I like trying the different burgers that are specific to each location. I finished my day at Copenhagen trying out the pork & sausage pølseburger (and had a great time with the waitress teaching me how to pronounce it!). This photo is actually from Orlando, which isn't a new one to me, but I didn't get a photo of the Copenhagen one. 

May is looking like a good month for achieving more goals- I'm going to Lisbon to see Eurovision, and I'm off on my first ever trip to the Caribbean to spend 5 nights in Aruba. I'm so excited! 

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  1. Congrats on completing so much already! I've never been to a Hard Rock Cafe before, but would so love to. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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