Best Destinations for Plus Size Travellers

Travelling the world throws up all sorts of problems for us plus size folk. What are local attitudes like? How fat-friendly is the transport? If, like me, you're also not very fit, then are there lots of steps or steep hills to climb? It can be pretty daunting trying to plan a trip when you don't know what to expect, so I've asked some fellow plus size travel bloggers to recommend their favourite destinations.

Best holiday vacation destinations for plus size travellers


Kirstie at Kirstie Kins Blog says:

'From the top of my head, there are only two places I have visited where I have felt comfortable to let my 'fat' flag fly. One of the places is filled with epic history, gorgeous beaches, and a landscape so vast you'd be silly to not experience it for yourself. You may think you have guessed it, but I promise you haven't. I am talking about Albania.

You wouldn't expect it but Albania is a country that really doesn't give a shit, or at least in my experience anyway. It was so hot during my visit that we spent a lot of time in the pool, and I didn't feel as uncomfortable as I usually do when I am in a bathing suit. There were so many locals wandering around of all shapes and sizes, and I think they all just appreciated that it was so hot and they too wanted to be as cool as possible. Even walking down the street felt relatively comfortable- the heat was stifling, but it was nice to see that I wasn't the only person dealing with the dreaded 'chub rub'. I will admit that there are a lot of steps, especially around some of the landmarks, but it's completely worth it. 

It may not be a resort style holiday, but it's definitely a destination for travellers and explorers alike'.


Hannah at Rocktails Blog says:

'Thailand has been one of our favourite places to visit for a long time and earlier this year I was lucky enough to finally visit the island of Koh Phi Phi. The people, the culture and the experiences are what makes this place so special.

To get to Koh Phi Phi you must get a boat from either Phuket or Krabi. This takes about an hour and a half to two hours. The boats are very comfy with lots of seats available and food services. This is also a great opportunity to see some scenic views of the Thai coastline. Tickets for the boats are really easy to purchase from local travel shops and cost about £12 one way.

Koh Phi Phu is quite a small island; in fact it only takes 45 minutes to walk around the whole island! Nevertheless, there is plenty to get up to and all of it is a very short walk away. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from with a range of cuisines from Thai to Italian to English, meaning there is always something new and delicious to eat.

The good thing about Koh Phi Phi is that the locals are used to tourists, so whereas some places in Asia may point out plus sized people, locals in more touristy areas like Koh Phi Phi are more considerate of alternative sizes and needs and accommodate brilliantly. Koh Phi Phi is full of amazing hotels, hostels and villas, meaning there is plenty of accommodation available for all budgets and needs'.


Char at Memoirs and Musings says:

'I live life on the 'thicker than oatmeal' side and when I travel I don't really think about this, I just go. However, I would say that one of the more plus-size friendly destinations has to be America. Everything is bigger there, right?

Visiting Vegas for 3 years in a row, I was conscious that I'd always be the 'bigger' girl but you know what, no one cares. It's Sin City for a reason and everyone is on the 'I'm on vacation' vibe. The confidence is unreal, the aircon is as cold as my heart and the outlet mall has plenty of options for nights out.

However, the weather isn't exactly plus size friendly if your thighs rub, but thankfully there is good old chub rub cream, and pools for you to dip in and out of. There aren't many locals in Vegas as everyone comes here to make some coins and leave, but the hospitality is great and no one will feel out of place'.


Talie at Daily Talie says:

'I'm going for Marrakech in Morocco, which at first might seem a bit of an odd choice given how famed it is for its heat, not often a good thing for those of us that endure chub rub, but it's one of the cities I've felt most comfortable in. They promote modesty so this means wrapping up in light fitting maxi dresses, kaftans and sarongs which are a life saver in the heat. Additionally we ate everywhere from the street to restaurants, went quad biking and had no problems with seats being too tight. European women especially get a lot of comments from the Moroccan men but it's 99% in good humour. I was called everything from a Spice Girl to Lady Gaga. Bigger women are massively appreciated and whilst I don't need to be hit on, it made a nice change to know I could walk through a city and be admired rather than looked down on because of my size'.


This is my contribution. Obviously. Although Salzburg is nestled at the foot of the Austrian Alps, the city itself is very flat so there are no steep hills or hundreds of steps to climb, which is something I dread. The Mönchsberg dominates the landscape, but you have two hike-free options to get to the top: either use the lift on Museumsplatz or catch a funicular near Kapitelplatz. If you choose to go into the mountains, there are cable cars taking you near the peak, so you get a great view without any climbing at all. It also helps that Salzburg is such a small city- nearly everything is in walking distance, so you don't need to rely on sweaty, crowded public transport. If you do decide to venture further out, the buses are comfortable. Tip: the seat right at the front on the doors-side of the bus is bigger than the others.

As for the locals (and fellow tourists), they're very polite and tend to keep themselves to themselves, although I have had some lovely conversations with strangers too. In the rural areas surrounding the city centre, it's not uncommon for people to just stop for a chat. There's certainly no fear of unwelcome attention here, unlike that I've experienced in other European cities.

The climate is also perfect. I suffer from bad chub rub in the heat but Salzburg's geographic position means this is rarely a concern. I've found the weather is very variable- it can get really hot in the summer but then there will be an epic thunderstorm in the late afternoon and everything cools down again. Of course, you also get snow in winter, so it's the perfect destination if you like to avoid hot weather.


Kirsty at Kirsty Leanne says:

'One of the most plus size friendly places I have ever visited has definitely got to be the gorgeous Wrocław in Poland. I'd not really considered Poland before my first visit to Wrocław, but I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone there was. A lot of the time, when I travel, I find that I get looks from locals because of my size, but I didn't notice it at all in Wrocław (maybe because I was too busy looking for the 300 famous dwarfs dotted around the city).

Not only were the people friendly, but the city is incredibly small, making it much easier to walk around- something that I know a lot of plus size travellers can struggle with on a city break. There are a lot of museums and attractions that are easily accessible, and if you don't want to walk at all there is an easy to use tram system.

Throw in a short flight time, plenty to see and do, and a whole lot of charm and Wrocław is definitely my perfect destination'.

A huge thank you to every blogger who got involved and shared their favourite destinations with me. Please let me know what you consider the best destinations for plus size travellers, because I always need new inspiration! 

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  1. Love this post! I am not plus size myself but I once read an article about fatphobia in France and it opened my eyes to the reality of travelling as a plus size person


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