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As you probably know (because I won't stop banging on about it), I recently visited the Caribbean for the first time. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. The bright blue sea, the powdery white sand, the sunny skies... right down to the chilled, friendly vibe. It's definitely whet my appetite for these beautiful islands and I'm already making plans to visit again. Although I stayed in a hotel last time, the idea of a villa intrigues me. Your own private space where you can relax without worrying about other people. No loud parties coming from the room next door, no rush to get to breakfast before all the good food has gone and, crucially, nobody to judge you when you unleash your giant inflatable swan into the pool and start snapping photos. Luxury Retreats specialise in finding the perfect accommodation to match each traveller, with over 300 destinations including houses in Anguilla, St Lucia, the Bahamas and beyond. With this in mind, I've done a little research on the Caribbean islands and come up with a travel wish list, with three nations I'd love to visit.

caribbean travel goals


I've wanted to visit Anguilla ever since I taught a little girl who had moved from there and she showed me photos of her hometown. It looks stunning! This British Overseas Territory in the eastern Caribbean enjoys warm days all year round, and has very gentle water on the beaches. This is perfect if, like me, you love snorkelling but don't really feel confident in open water. The people of Anguilla are renowned for their warmth and hospitality so it seems like a super friendly place. Then there's the variety of activities available. Day cruises can take you to locations with intriguing names like Little Bay and Prickly Pear, tennis is available at the Anguilla Tennis Academy if you want to make like Wimbledon and, of course, there's the water sports that are ubiquitous with the Caribbean islands. Unfortunately, Anguilla was quite badly damaged by Hurricane Irma in September last year, but reports on the recovery process show they're making very fast progress, and most of the accommodation and restaurants have re-opened, welcoming visitors with open arms. With the rate of recovery so fast, it seems like the island will be back to its pre-hurricane state in no time.


Do you remember a little while ago there was an advert for a travel company that said something like 'Did you know in the Bahamas there is an island populated entirely by pigs?' It was like I'd been told Father Christmas is real after all. Pigs are my absolute favourite animals and the thought of being able to go to a literal Pig Island and swim with them is just like a dream to me. So the Bahamas shot up to my number one ultimate bucket list destination. It's not all pigs though. Made up of thirty inhabited islands (700 in total!), each with its own unique vibe, there is something for everyone. From the colourful bustle of capital Nassau, to the romantic seclusion of the Berry Islands. Here you can try your hand at anything, from swimming with sharks to making chocolate. There's even a haunted house you can visit, if you dare! The Bahamas has lush vegetation due to the regular rainfall but it passes through quickly and makes way for glorious sunshine. With its variety of islands, rich history and culture, and not to forget the opportunity to swim with gorgeous little piggies, the Bahamas sound right up my street! 


St Lucia is instantly recognisable for its two pitons- the pair of distinctive cone-shaped mountains on the island's west coast. If you're feeling adventurous, you can hike up them which gives the most beautiful view that I will never see, because there's no way I'd be able to climb up a mountain, unfortunately. Still, there are less ambitious options, like the wonderfully-named Pigeon Island- a natural heritage site with a military history and panoramic view of the north-west coast. If you like to combine your trekking with relaxation, there is the natural spa of Sulphur Springs, where you can soak in the mud baths and rinse off under a waterfall. It also happens to be the only drive-in volcano in the world. 'I've driven in to a volcano' would be the ultimate fact for all those awkward tell us one interesting fact about yourself icebreakers in future. If dolphin watching is too cliche, how about turtle watching, or even bird watching? St Lucia has it all. Whether you're after a chilled, relaxed break or something a little more active and adventurous, I'm pretty certain you'll be able to find it here. 

When I started writing this post, I was pretty certain I knew which one of these nations I wanted to visit first. Now I'm in a pickle, however, because they all sound so amazing in their own way. Do I go for the hospitality of Anguilla, the unique opportunities of the Bahamas, or the beauty of St Lucia? Whichever country I plump for, Luxury Retreats has a huge range of beautiful villas to pick from, each with its own features that make it unique and each influenced by the culture and heritage around it. And if that wasn't enough, just think of the incredible Instagram photos you could take with no other guests hovering around! 

Post has been written in collaboration with Luxury Retreats, but all opinions, anecdotes and desires to visit every island in the Caribbean are my own. 

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