Beauty Friday: MAC Cremeblend Blush in Something Special Review

I know, it's not a Benefit review! Shocking, huh? The problem is that my Benefit binge was so huge that it's taking forever to get through it all. Still, thought I'd mix things up a bit with a MAC product today.

Ok, so I bought this cream blusher in Harrods a couple of weeks ago. I had been after a peachy blusher for ages and stopped off at the counter to see what I could find. I was unsuccessful with the powder blushers then this one caught my eye. I'd never used a cream blusher before but I tried a bit on my hand and the shade seemed ideal.

I have to admit, I did a bit of Googling to find out the best way to apply it. I found out that stipple brushes are best but, as I don't have one at the moment, I had to make do with one of the free brushes that come with Benefit blushers. They're pretty rubbish for powder blush but it seemed to do ok with the cream. At least as a stop gap until I pick up a decent one.

I found it goes on easily and it is really easy to build up. It was a lot less scary than I imagined! The end result was natural and dewy. I really like it, although it takes a while to build up to my preferred look.

What do you think?


  1. I love MAC blushes but I haven't used a creme one yet!

    Sarah x

  2. You can hardly see that you have any blush on. You looks very beautiful! <3

  3. you look like a doll <3


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