Sneak Peek

I'm planning a mega vintage shopping spree in London this weekend and, as this is a bit more interesting than my bog-standard Primark peruse, I'm putting a bit more effort into my look.

I was playing around with my new scarf the other day and this is what I came up with. I adore it! Really digging this vintage gypsy thing at the moment. So consider this a little sneak peek of my outfit to come at the weekend.

This was taken on Instagram, by the way. I'm @Beckybedbug.


  1. You look great!

  2. I loooove this!! I've always wanted to wear scarves as head-wear but I can never get them to stay! Can't wait to see the rest of your look!!1

  3. Looks great! I'm looking forward to the outfit! :-)

  4. Now this looks just amazing! This is for sure my favourite picture of you on your blog! Could you tell us how you managed to get the scarf like this? That would be too cool :)


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