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Honestly, Salzburg is the most photogenic city I've ever been to. Absolutely every corner has another pretty spot that's perfect for outfit photos. The hardest thing about travelling alone in summer was that I found all these lovely locations but had nobody to take the photos! I kept a note of them all and then started to tick some off when I returned with Rich this month. This location was the exception, as we'd already made use of it during our first trip for this outfit post. It's just such a pretty, peaceful courtyard that I couldn't resist returning! Plus size winter pastels outfit
Faux fur hair band: Marks & Spencer
Scarf: Primark (similar here)
Jumper: Primark (similar here)
Top (just seen): Primark (similar here)
Skirt: Primark (similar here)
Leggings: Evans
Boots: Skechers (similar here)
Coat: ASOS (similar here)

Until I wrote all that out, I didn't realise what a thoroughly Primark outfit this was! Where would we be without them, eh? Let me tell you, their jumper selection is amazing right now. This lilac jumper is one of my favourites but they also have great cable knit ones and even some batwing jumpers which I wrote off at first but now can't get out of my mind! Their men's jumpers are amazing too so Rich has probably got enough knitwear to last him a lifetime after this Christmas! 
Purple jumper pink scarf
I wore this pink knit scarf every day in Sweden, Hamburg, Munich and Salzburg and yet- confession time- it's still got the tag on. I just keep forgetting to snip it out and only spot it again when I'm out and about. I've become very adept at hiding it within swathes of wool, which is easy because it's a surprisingly huge scarf. It looks perfectly normal when it's lying around but I swear as soon as I put it on, it multiplies. Suddenly I'm drowning in cheap synthetic wool but that's ok because it's super snuggly and warm!
White faux fur cossack hat
For ages and ages, I've wanted a white furry hat but I've never found one that suits me. For some reason, they always make me look a bit like a fluffy condom. I think I've got lucky with this one though and I put that down to the fact that it's a headband rather than a full hat. I think the lack of a furry top makes me look marginally less penis-like. It still looks weird if I have my hair back but so long as my hair is either placed over my shoulder (see below) or tucked into a scarf/ coat, I think I just about get away with it.
Plus size winter outfit
While we're talking about my hair, let me share my little indulgence. Because straightening my hair takes a literal decade (well, maybe not a decade exactly but thereabouts), I decided- buoyed up by my recent hairdresser success- to go to a local salon the day before our trip and treat myself to a wash and blow dry. It was a brilliant idea as I got to have a little pampering between my stressful deadlines and holiday, and it meant my hair looked great the whole time we were away. I did admittedly have to buy an overpriced bobble hat at a German Christmas market when it unexpectedly started snowing but at least my hair stayed smooth! I definitely think I'll treat myself more often.
White fur hat headband
Because I'm indecisive, I took two coats with me- my standard grey belted coat which you're all sick of, and my red puffer jacket for mountain climbing. Good news, by the way, I got a new jacket for Christmas so now I have four winter-appropriate pieces of outerwear and can get a bit more variety. Woohoo!
Plus size grey skater coat
Why can't I live somewhere that's this pretty and photogenic?

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  1. I find batwing jumpers so flattering, especially as I have a small waist - give them a go!

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  2. I am in love with that jumper. Its such a gorgeous colour. Also you can never have enough knitwear.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  3. Every time I see your outfit pictures from Austria, I just want to start packing for my trip there already! Got 3 months to go yet for me!

    Isobel x

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