Review // Lush Oxford Street Christmas Exclusives

Last year, I was disappointed to not get any Christmas exclusives from Oxford Street (I'm not even sure if they released any), so I was very excited when I visited this year and found out they had a small selection. Especially since one of them is the most amazing shower gel ever known to man.
Lush 2016 Oxford Street Christmas Exclusives
Lush Satsuma Bath Bomb Review
Look how cute this little satsuma is! I couldn't wait to try this bath bomb. I was envisioning fragrances similar to The Body Shop's satsuma range which is just the most nostalgic smell I can think of. Unfortunately, it wasn't really very satsuma-y at all. Yes, there was a citrus note but it wasn't that familiar sweet, juicy scent that we associate with satsumas. Probably because the main ingredients aren't satsuma at all but mandarin and bergamot. Still, if you like citrus scents, you'll love this regardless. An incredibly slow fizzer, it turns the bath water bright orange. Be warned- hidden somewhere in this bath bomb is a load of glitter. Although it doesn't look at all glittery on the outside, it's released into the water as it dissolves. It's more subtle than some of Lush's glittery products but might not be a great surprise if you're not a fan of glitter.

Lush Snow Melt Bath Oil Review
Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of bath oils. I like bubbles and fun colours, not something that's just going to make my bath tub slippery. However, in the interests of writing a thorough review (and of wanting to try everything!), I bought one when I popped into Oxford Street. Covered in a silver shimmer, Snow Melt appears to be quite a bit larger than their usual bath oils. When dropped into my bath, it didn't dissolve properly and instead just sat there like a slightly squidgier ball of glitter, so I had to break it down with my hands. Although the appearance is very shimmery, it doesn't make the bath too glittery and I only noticed minimal transfer onto my skin- whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you! My skin did feel silky smooth while I was in the bath and this effect has lasted a little over night- although my skin isn't remarkably soft, it is more so than usual. The fragrance reminds me of Snowman Shower Jelly, which is one of my favourite products ever, except with a stronger citrus note of lemon.

TWILIGHT SHOWER GELLush Twilight Shower Gel Review
Lavender is one of my favourite fragrances in the whole world (alongside blown-out candles and chlorine) so I was super excited to try this- a shower gel with the scent of Lush's popular Twilight bath bomb. Oh my God, it does not disappoint! Although this photo looks like the shower gel is black, it's actually a dark purple, but the gel consistency means it's lightweight and doesn't stain the skin. As you'd imagine, the lavender note is the strongest but there's also a hint of ylang ylang, creating the perfect relaxing shower gel for night time. I like to use it as a bubble bath for a calming soak before bed and it creates loads of bubbles from just a small squeeze. Although it's available in all sizes, all but the 100g bottles were out of stock when I visited Oxford Street with the exception of this solitary 250g one. I'll be heading back soon and hopefully I'll be able to grab one of the big ones! 

Lush Ponche Shower Gel Review
I'd heard a lot about Ponche from Lush old-timers but since I only bought my first Lush product in 2012, I'd never tried it myself. The promise of tequila didn't exactly sound like my kind of fragrance but I was so wrong! Instead of smelling like alcohol, Ponche has a sweet, fruity scent which is exactly like Icing on the Cake roulade, one of my favourite products from last year. The gel foams up really nicely and seems to be more nourishing than most other shower gels from Lush, but it's still more lightweight than the shower creams. I'll definitely be trying to stock up before Christmas!

Is there anything better than Lush at Christmas? No. No there's not. I just wish I could have access to these products all year round!

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  1. I miss Ponche! I remember it from a few years back and it's one of my favourite Christmassy shower gels!

  2. Twilight and Ponche sound amazing. It's my dream to visit Lush Oxford Street one day. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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