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Want to know a secret? I bought these products last Christmas and by the time I got round to writing the review, it was closer to Easter than Christmas. By which I mean, literally a week before Easter... Being the forward-thinking blogger I am, I kept the post in my drafts in case the Kitchen restocked these products for 2016 and guess what? They are! I've already seen a couple of these pop up this year. Woohoo! This is why you should never delete your drafts, kids!
Lush Kitchen Christmas 2015 2016
Three Gold Rings Bubble Bar
Rich's comment on this was "Three gold rings? Since when was that a thing?" I don't know Rich, just go with it. This bubble bar is approzimately the same size as the Christmas Eve bubble bar so I've used half of it for one bath. The fragrance is warm and comforting, almost like marzipan with a hint of liquorice which is strange because none of the ingredients point towards this. Instead, it's packed with orange oil, myrrh and vanilla which lingers on the skin. Interestingly, it doesn't change the colour of my bathwater much- perhaps a slightly yellow tinge but nothing more- and, surprisingly for recent Lush concoctions, has no glitter. It's a lovely winter warmer and I'll definitely be repurchasing if it pops up again. 

Lush The Boog Bath Bomb
Man, this little fella is deceptive! He's a plain white snowman face bath bomb and, initially, creates nothing but a slightly cloudy appearance in the water. Then comes the surprise: Inside him, there are seven marble-sized bath bombs, each in a different rainbow colour, which dissolve into brightly coloured swirls. The Boog is a super fast fizzer but these individual bombs inside dissolve more slowly. Scent-wise, it's very similar to May Day, which is interesting as they don't share any ingredients. This bath bomb is fragranced with myrrh, rosemary and sage oils, creating a really warming, slightly spicy and almost creamy scent. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for him next Christmas.

Lush Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar
I cannot resist anything that smells like cinnamon and cloves. That's just the Christmas fragrance, right? Christmas Kisses is a small, peardrop-shaped bubble bar complete with a little sprig of cinnamon sitting on the top. When in the bath, it turns the water a bright festive red and, despite its small size, half a bar produces plenty of bubbles. The scent is a real warming fragrance of cloves, cinnamon and patchouli- perfect for cold December nights!

Lush Santa's Sack Bubble Bar
It's ok. I giggled too. Santa's Sack is a really fun-looking bubble bar, with two parcels sticking out of the sack, tied up with a little gold ribbon. The only problem with this is that it's quite tricky to work out how to use it. After some discussion, we settled on pulling out the presents and chucking half of one in with a bit of the sack. As you may imagine considering the colour of the bubble bar, this one also turns the water red but with more of an orange tone. The description promised the fragrance of Coca Cola but I didn't really get any of that. Instead it was somewhat of a fruity scent, which isn't quite as Christmassy as I was expecting!

Lush Snowcake Shower Gel
This is one of my favourite shower gels I've ever used. It's a warm, sweet marzipan fragrance which is almost good enough to eat (although I wouldn't recommend trying!) The consistency is fairly thick and creamy, giving the skin a soft, nourishing treatment as well as the delicious scent. I've seen this pop up in the Kitchen just last week but unfortunately wasn't fast enough to snap up a new bottle. A huge shame as I really, really love it.

Lush Snowshowers Shower Jelly
To be honest, I bought this because I was intrigued by the concept of Champagne and elderflower. Turns out it's absolutely freaking lovely and smells every bit as luxurious as you would expect. I'm not sure if it really smells like either of these things but it has a soft, intricate fragrance and a "bubbly" feel to it which I know sounds crazy but I promise it's true. After use, the smell lingers on the skin. It's perfect to use when getting ready for a night out because it leaves me feeling all lavish.

Lush Party On Shower Jelly
To be honest, this isn't even Christmassy (2016 comment- I saw it reappear in the Kitchen a few months ago) but it was sold at the same time as all the Christmas stuff here so I've just lumped it together. This is- get this- a Wayne's World themed shower jelly (No way! Way! etc) and I bloody love it. The herby scent of rosemary and mint is certainly invigorating so it's perfect for early mornings. At first I wasn't too sure as it's quite overpowering and very unusual but it's definitely a grower! Plus, the jelly is a radioactive green so it feels like you're showering with some sort of psychedelic soap. I'll definitely be picking up another pot of this when I start to run low. Excellent!

I've yet to buy any Christmas products in the Kitchen for 2016 so I fully intend I'll be reviewing my eventual purchases in December 2017. Look out for that! 

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  1. Snow showers shower gel sounds goood! I like the look of Santa's Sack Bubble bar too x
    Eleanor Frances | UK Style Blog

  2. Oh, the SnowShowers shower jelly and SnowCake shower gel sound amazing. I need to try something from the Lush Kitchen one day! x x

  3. I need to get my bath bombs out again! I have a fair few christmas ones to use up!

    Isobel x

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