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Every book I've ever read based around blogging has been a massive disappointment. That doesn't mean I've given up hope though. I've heard some really great things about a number of books which are all waiting patiently in my Amazon wishlist. If you want to up your blogging or career game (or both!), then hopefully these are perfect!
Blogging and career book wishlist


Technically, this isn't at all related to blogging or careers but it still applies since the lessons can be used in all areas of life. The aim of this book is to stop you worrying about the things you should do and instead feel free to live your life exactly as you want. I'm all about that! I loved Sarah Knight's first book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck so I'm sure this will be in much the same vein.

Buy Get Your Shit Together here
Buy The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck here


I love Karren Brady. She's strong, fierce and gives zero fucks but still seems like a generally supportive, helpful person. Her book tells the story of her success but also promises to share her advice for making it to the top. It's got fantastic reviews and I've heard a lot of really great things about it so I'm hoping it's going to be a rare book that lives up to the hype, unlike some (coughGirlBosscough)

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The subtitle of this book is Land you dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media. Admittedly, I haven't decided what my dream job is and I don't even have a career right now but I would like to rock my social media. Besides, I figure it's never a bad time to read inspirational career-based books, even if your current plan is to study for as long as you can drag it out. Like all of the books on this list, I've read some great reviews for this book so I look forward to finding out for myself.

Buy Leave Your Mark here


Honestly? I have no idea what this book is about but it's got a pretty cover and everybody seems to be talking about it right now. That's reason enough, right? Even the description on Amazon is unclear- it's all about 'the mysterious nature of inspiration', 'giving ourselves permission to embark on a dream long deferred' and 'infuse our everyday lives with more mindfulness', whatever the hell that means. But cute cover!

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I used to be really into branding and then it kind of all slid away. I'm planning a redesign right now, which I know isn't the same as a rebrand but it will be a good opportunity to think about my branding and get back on top of it. This is described as a 'workbook' which makes it sound like a fun activity book and I'm all over that. It sounds like the perfect way to develop my blog.

Buy How to Style Your Brand here


When I was finding the link for How to Style Your Brand, Amazon suggested this book and I had a little click out of curiosity. It wasn't one I'd heard of before but it looks beautiful and sounds brilliant- all about how to curate a gorgeous Instagram feed. I'm putting a lot of energy into Instagram at the moment so this sounds perfect for me. 

Buy Capture Your Style here

If you have any recommendations for books that are ideal for blog or social media inspiration, let me know! My Amazon wishlist is never long enough...

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