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I had saved this post for just before Valentine's Day. I saved it so well that I didn't actually use it before Valentine's Day at all. Who would have guessed that studying takes up more time than teaching? Still, better late than never I suppose! Smart plus size outfit
Blouse: Primark
Pinafore dress: Simply Be
Tights: ASOS
Boots: ASOS

Fun story behind this outfit- I bought it for a visit to a funeral home. As part of my Contemporary Approaches to Death and Dying module, I had to arrange a visit to a funeral home and chat to a funeral director. Suddenly I became very aware that I had no suitable clothes and, on top of that, I had no idea what to wear. Obviously I didn't want to go super casual, but at the same time I didn't want to go all formal. At the same time, I felt I should probably wear something sombre without dressing like I was actually going to a funeral. In the end I settled on this- a basic pinafore dress and a burgundy chiffon blouse. I feel like I got the balance just right. 
Burgundy plus size blouse Plus size work outfit
Because it's far from my normal style, I had considered maybe returning the items after I'd worn them but a) I'm way too awkward and sheepish to actually go through with that (and I realised that it might have been a bit weird to return clothes after they'd been worn in a funeral home) and b) I actually started to kind of like the outfit. I think I wasn't sure at first because it's not my sort of thing- I never wear blouses- but once I'd got used to it, I decided it didn't look too bad on me. What do you think?
Heart print blouse
The blouse is from Primark and it cost all of £8, if I remember correctly. As I said, I don't wear blouses or shirts, solely because I can never find one that doesn't gape over my chest, but as the buttons are hidden behind the front of the dress, it's not an issue here. I love the cute little hearts and the burgundy colour, which isn't something I've really worn before.
Winchester Cathedral Architecture Plus size black pinafore dress
As for the pinafore dress, it's from Simply Be, and I love the almost sixties feel it has, what with the pocket detail either side. They're not real, unfortunately, but we can't have everything. Since it's made of a crepe material, it feels a little restrictive but it looks cute so who cares?
Glitter heel ankle boots ASOS Afira
Let's not forget these glitter heel ankle boots! I'm really proud of myself because I'm gradually increasing my heel heights. I'm terrible with heels and genuinely thought these might be too uncomfortable for me, but I needn't have worried! They're so comfortable that they feel just like flats. Besides, the glitter heel is just the most gorgeous thing ever. Before you know it, I'll be running around in stilettos!
Winchester Cathedral Arches
These photos were taken in my favourite OOTD location by Ami. (She's getting started in photography, mainly band photography. Check out her Facebook page here for examples of her music photography because it is stunning!) This walkway, around the side of Winchester Cathedral, is such a lovely backdrop and it does something wonderful with the light. I just wish the ugly railings and plastic drainpipes weren't there!

I feel like I should try something different more often. I'm definitely going to pick up some new blouses to wear with this dress from now on.

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  1. I love this look on you - I think it really suits your shape! The pinafore in particular is gorgeous, but the colour of the shirt is stunning!

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