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In 2007, I bought a yellow Spongebob t-shirt. No judgment, it was cool at the time, ok? I wore it to my friend's house, we took photos on her crappy little camera, and uploaded them to Facebook... and I was absolutely horrified. My teeth, which were always on the discoloured side, were pretty much the same colour as the top. After that, I vowed never to wear yellow again and I managed it for almost 10 years when Leona decided she was going to have her bridesmaids dressed in yellow. I'm pretty sure she took several deep breaths before telling me because she knew there was no way in hell I would ever wear the colour. But, you know, she's my friend and it was her wedding and I figured I could just keep my mouth closed all day. I actually loved the dress in the end so, shortly after that, I decided enough was enough and I booked myself into the dentist to sort everything out. After some pretty intensive treatment, I was ready for my whitening course, which I'm currently halfway through... and look! This is me, wearing a bright yellow dress and bloody smiling with my teeth. A year ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of doing either of those things so this is an absolutely massive step! God, it feels good!

Plus size yellow wrap dress

Dress: ASOS (similar here)
Vest: Primark (similar here)
Shoes: Primark 

The dress in question is from ASOS and unfortunately is now sold out, but there's a similar dress here. It's made of a really soft, fairly thin jersey material- absolutely perfect for the Venetian weather! It was comfortable for flying and kept me cool (ish) when we reached Italy. The ribbons around the waist are real, and the skirt opens right up (handy for getting a breeze going when the ol' chub rub hits!), but it's sewn together at the waist so it's not going to fall open if I get caught on a door handle or something.

Asks wrap dress

I did have one problem with the dress and that's the chest. You may have noticed I'm not exactly small chested but even so, the top was quite loose and had a tendency to fall open, revealing much more than I would have liked. To solve this, I popped a little lilac vest underneath, and I think the colour looks really cute against the bright yellow. 

Wrap dress for big boobs ASOS yellow dress

For my shoes, I popped on some simple nude suedette ballet flats from Primark. Can't resist a cheap shoe. Unlike most Primark shoes, however, they were really uncomfortable, but they're just so versatile and will go with absolutely anything. I just need to break them in a bit more and then we'll be good to go.

plus size yellow dress

Something I really loved about Venice is how the side streets all end with a drop into the canals. Obviously it's so people can get from their boats to their homes but it's such a novel concept for somebody not used to their transport system. It was also a lot of fun to watch people walk all the way down the street, reach the end, realise they couldn't go any further and try to style it out. I know, I'm mean! 

yellow sun dress plus size yellow wrap jersey dress

I'm so glad I finally took matters into my own hands and started the teeth whitening process. I love how happy this colour is and, to be honest, I think it really suits me. Now I just need to remember to smile with my teeth! 

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  1. So happy foe you about the teeth whitening and getting your confidence back with wearing yellow! I honestly love this colour! I too want to book myself into the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and whitened as I still have glue on mine in places from when I was like 16!

    Isobel x

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  2. The yellow really suits you, I love it!

  3. Such a gorgeous dress! Yellow kinda scares me too but you wear it beautifully x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  4. Is there anything that you can't wear? You look gorgeous, yellow really suits you! xx

  5. I adore yellow and it's such an underrated colour. So glad you gave it another try because it's great on you

  6. You look beautiful! I love the colour!


  7. The dress is gorgeous, I'm so in love wth that colour!


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