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There was a time when I refused to touch a product before I'd photographed it. Evidently that time has passed. You won't judge me though, will you? I bought Botanics Hydration Boost Micellar Cleanser after having trouble with the product that I thought was the perfect solution- Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water. After having problems with dry, flaky skin on my face, the oil-infused cleanser worked beautifully for weeks... and then suddenly things got even worse than before. My face started getting feeling really tight after use and flaking worse than ever. I switched to this and everything has settled down again. What a relief!

Botanics Micellar Water Review


The bottle is long and thin, made of sturdy plastic. This rigid design means it's difficult to squidge product out and instead I just need to hold it over the cotton pad and let it drip out. The single hole to dispense the cleanser makes this quite hard to control, but at least the twist-top lid means it's not likely to leak. 


There is a very soft fragrance to the micellar water which is barely noticeable during use. It's a slightly flowery/herby scent, probably due to the sage extract used for hydration. During application, it feels light on the skin and removes make up easily without needing to rub. It doesn't lift off quite as much make up immediately as the Garnier one does, so it takes quite a few cotton pads, but it's very gentle. Afterwards, there is no stickiness or oiliness at all.


I've been using the Botanics Micellar Cleanser for a few weeks now and my skin is very happy! There are still the occasional stubborn dry patches but, on the whole, it feels hydrated and looks much brighter too. 

Let's hope this micellar water works this well for a while. I don't think I can face trying yet another one!

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  1. I love micellar waters, they're just so convenient! I hope this one does the trick for you x

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