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Do you ever do that thing where you find something nice in the sale, buy it even though it's definitely not weather-appropriate, and then completely forget about it by the time the relevant season comes round? That's exactly what I did with this dress! I bought it from Sainsbury's in the winter of 2016, intending to save it for the summer. Only by the time summer emerged, it was buried in the bottom of my wardrobe. Earlier this year, I cleared out most of my clothes and came across it again. This time, I made sure not to forget it and it finally got its chance to shine, 18 months after purchase.

Sainsbury's TU rainbow stripe dress

Dress: Sainsbury's (similar here)
Leggings: Evans
Shoes: Primark (similar here)

The dress came with its own belt, but I generally hate them. My hip/bust:waist ratio is so pronounced that clothes to fit my top and bottom tend to have a belt that's far too big for my middle. Without even trying the dress on, I took the belt off and happily packed it to go to Aruba with me. It was only when I got there that I realised my mistake. I'd bought the dress a size up from usual because it has a button front and that tends to spell disaster with me! This meant that, although it fit my bust perfectly, it looked very boxy around the waist. Although I envy people who can pull off the oversized smock dress look, it just doesn't work for me, so for once I decided to use the belt. Luckily I'd just thrown it on the kitchen table during my frantic packing and it was still there when I arrived home so Rich punched a couple of extra holes in to make it a bit smaller and I was good to go!

Plus size candy stripe shirt dress

When I dressed for my birthday trip to Whitstable, where these photos were taken, I made sure to wear the belt and pulled out a pair of brown sandals that match perfectly. They're just a cheap pair from Primark last summer but they're surprisingly comfy, if a bit tight around the tops (especially in this hot weather!)

Sainsbury's striped dress plus size

I did consider taking my leggings off for the purposes of these photos, but we took the photos opposite the Yacht Club, where there were two men discussing the practicalities of yachting while walking back and forth beside me. I wasn't sure they'd quite appreciate it if I started stripping off next to them, so screw it. You're getting leggings again. 

Plus size rainbow dress

It was so nice to be back in this little seaside town. My grandparents used to live here in the early to mid-00s so I spent a lot of my teenage years here. For my birthday, we booked this gorgeous little AirBnB right opposite the harbour. It was perfectly positioned and such an adorable flat. I wish we'd stayed for more than one night in the end.

Whitstable harbour fisherman

After a couple of days eating cockles, trying oysters for the first time and taking a million photos on the beach, we headed back home... and then I went back there today with my brother! Visited once in the past nine years and then went twice in a fortnight. Apparently trips to the seaside are like buses!

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