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What an absolute dream Fun House was! Running home from school on a Friday afternoon so you could admire Pat Sharp's mullet and dream that you were a cute cheerleading twin shaking pom poms. Or, of course, that you had the opportunity to race those go karts. The ultimate goal. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to enter the Fun House myself but, over 20 years later, I can finally throw on that yellow t-shirt (we can all agree Team Yellow was the best, right?) thanks to TruffleShuffle. Better yet, you can join me- or be my Red Team rival- with your own top, using the discount code at the bottom of this post. 

Fun House top TruffleShuffle

Fun House top: TruffleShuffle
Skirt: New Look
Leggings: Evans
Shoes: Converse

I'm not prone to exaggeration (that's a lie), but the yellow Fun House top is actually solid evidence that fate exists. I put it on my Christmas list but Santa decided not to pop it under my tree this year. When I was writing up my birthday list, I checked the availability and was absolutely gutted to find it had sold out. Then TruffleShuffle contacted me and, as luck would have it, the top was back in stock! Obviously I was just destined to have my Fun House dreams come true. 

Yellow Fun House t shirt

I chose to go for a size Large on the basis that jersey tees tend to be very stretchy and I like a close fit. This was the perfect decision. The cut is ideal for the fitted look I prefer, but because the material is soft and has a lot of give, it doesn't feel at all tight. The short sleeves are particularly great in this regard since they're quite loose, meaning they don't grip my arm and I have freedom of movement. I sometimes have a problem with crew neck tops because they can make my chest look matronly, but the height of this neckline is perfect, and the fitted style means my silhouette is well-defined anyway. It's also worth pointing out that I took these photos on a crazy hot day and I felt perfectly comfortable throughout.

Women's plus size fun house top

Of course, having a great fit is all well and good, but the talking point is the fact that this is a bloomin' Fun House t-shirt! I love how vivid it is. Ever since I started wearing yellow after my teeth whitening last year, I've adored wearing bright yellow in the sun because of the glow it gives me. It makes me feel so confident, and a fun top like this just boosts that even more. Despite that, I did think head-to-toe yellow might be a bit too much. I looked at old Fun House images to see what the teams would wear on their bottom halves because I had somehow forgotten that it was matching colour-block trousers. I may have waffled on about how much I love my yellow skirt in my last TruffleShuffle post, but I'm not sure it's quite the thing I wanted to go with this top. Instead, I opted for my old faithful black skater skirt. I'm definitely going to get an acid wash denim one though to bring back those 90s-mum-jean vibes. To keep with the active retro kid's TV theme, I finished off my look with my old Converse hi-tops. All I need now is a mullet. 


Naturally, when you've got to take photos of your Fun House-inspired outfit, where are you going to go? To a literal Fun House, of course! I kept my eyes peeled for information about local fun fairs and, as luck would have it, I just had time to pop down to one an hour before they started packing up. Dodging the people who were actually there to experience the rides, I posed amongst the crowds with perfectly co ordinated candy floss in hand. I'd love to say this was an active decision but it was just a happy coincidence because they only stocked yellow floss (it tasted like banana, so Rich finished it off because I'm not about that life!). It was also only available in a bag so we asked them for a stick so I could make my own DIY candy floss prop. Commitment! 

Yellow Fun House t shirt Truffle Shuffle

I'm going to end this post with a little anecdote about Pat Sharp, purely because I can't find a natural fit for it anywhere else in this post. When I was in my first year of uni, Pat Sharp came to a school disco themed night at our student union. He took my hand, pulled me across the stage and danced with me to some 90s bubblegum pop. So I've met the Fun House God himself and now, 10 years on, I've finally donned the uniform. This basically makes me a legitimate Fun House contestant, right?
Want a piece of the Fun House action? Whether you want to be my Team Yellow teammate, or go against me as part of Team Red, you can get your own Fun House t-shirt right here. As before, use the code BEDBUG15 to get 15% off. It's like you've won the grand prize already. 
Top provided by TruffleShuffle for review, but all opinions my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 
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