Friday in London: Tate Modern and Olympic Park

This weekend has been insanely busy. I've gone to London for two days in a row, but instead of doing the sensible thing and finding somewhere to stay in the capital, I travelled to and from home each day. Exhausting but I've had a great time!

On Friday, Rich and I went to the Olympic Park. We didn't have event tickets but booked some tickets that would allow us to wander around the park and experience the atmosphere. We decided to get the evening session so we could pop over to the Tate Modern to see the Damien Hirst exhibition (and head into Westfield Stratford for some all-important clothes shopping!)

Sunglasses: Vogue
Jumper: Vintage
Dress: River Island
Jacket (seen later): Topshop
Shoes: Primark

Since this will be my post for Rachele's I am proud of my size link-up, I will tell you that my dress and jacket are a size 16 and my jumper a size 16-18.

Look at my amazing new tunnel! I was going to save this for our wedding but I think I've decided on a green tunnel instead. I thought it was high time I cracked this one out!

South Bank was filled with these floating building blocks in all different sizes. I thought they were so cute and then look what we discovered! If you stand at just the right position...

Embrace change! How clever is that!

It was a lovely day for strolling along the Thames to the Tate Modern. It's such a lovely route to walk!

The exhibition was amazing! Unfortunately, there was a strict no photography policy but, if you're in London over the next week, I strongly recommend you go to see it. My favourite was the In and Out of Love installation. It is a room filled with live butterflies that flutter around you. They were landing on people left, right and centre but, plead as I might, they wouldn't land upon me.

The Medicine Cabinets fascinated me too- If only because it's so interesting to see what pharmaceutical packaging looked like in 1988!

Time for a spot of shopping! Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything from Prada, although I did make the mistake of trying on the most gorgeous pair of sunglasses that really, really wanted to come home with me!

Then off to the Olympic Park! The noise from the stadium was so loud! It really made me want to run in there and get involved but I'm sure security would have put a stop to that!

I must go up here some time. Tickets need to be purchased in advance which is a shame as I would love to have seen the view from the top of the Orbit!

There's Rich! I don't think I've shown him on here before. He does exist, see!

Dropping a ketchup-coated chip on my face. Because I'm an idiot.

We all know I love photo opportunities with Wenlock and Mandeville!

The London 2012 Megastore is amazing! It's absolutely huge and filled with all the memorabillia you could ever ask for. Well, almost. I did look for Ian Thorpe but he wasn't around to buy, unfortunately. It did have this awesome running track though. Usain Bolt, eat your heart out!

Oh, and massive cuddly Mandevilles that had a price tag I couldn't justify. They were so cuddly though!

I treated myself to a little one though, to go with my little Wenlock.

This is the world's biggest McDonald's! I don't even like McDonald's but I couldn't walk past without popping in for a visit!

As we left, a street band called No Limits rocked up, closely followed by a team of Coca Cola entertainers. There was such a great party atmosphere as everyone danced and sang along.

Heading home, very tired and looking forward to my bed!

Finally, I leave you with this fantastic quote:


  1. Looks like you had a really fun day! Love the pictures!

  2. that looks amazing!! i love southbank. xx

  3. Those building blocks are awesome! I wish I could have seen those.
    It's been much too long since I visited Tate. Must go back.

    1. Tate Modern is my favourite gallery. I could spend hours there!

  4. Great pictures!


  5. Ooh, love the multicoloured tunnels! I have the same ones but in plain crystal - where did you get them???

    1. They're from Ebay.

  6. Found your blog through Well and Cheaply and it's great. I love your hair and look forward to "I'm Proud of My Size" posts.

  7. These are really lovely photos! I wish I could see all of these in person :) Looks like it was a really fun day. Those blocks are a great idea. And the tower thing--I think you called it Orbit?--does look inviting! :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  8. as a packaging junkie i would have spent far too much time enjoying the medicine cabinets. it sounds fascinating!

  9. Your blog/template is so pretty! I love your style!



  10. I love seeing how much you enjoyed your day out, your photos are great. It reminds me of all the good things London has to offer. The Southbank is one of my favourite spots, there is always so much going on. And the Olympic Park looks so quiet! When I was there, we had to queue up to get in the shop and it was like a crazy bee hive inside!

  11. Hi Becky!

    Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying all these recent travel around London pics that you have in addition to the usual fashion posts :) Funny thing, I actually walk pass those coloured letter blocks every single day and have never realised that they form actual words from certain angles.. Must go check that out tomorrow!

    - Mai from

  12. Becky,

    First of all, I want to thank you so much for giving me advice on my site, I couldn't answer, because I lost the message. Is it just me or is IFB really hard to navigate?

    Anyway, your site is great with great pictures and am so happy to be following you!

    Again, many thanks,

  13. Wow, that McDonalds looks like a museum!

  14. I LOVE this outfit! That lilac looks amazing on you. So nice to say hi briefly on twitter, glad I stopped by. Your photos are gorgeous

  15. I've been dying to visit London, and seeing these pictures of yours, makes me wanna go there even more.

    Love how you rocked that floral jacket and sunglasses <3


  16. ah your outfit is so pretty, love the skirt! i must visit the tate modern, i've never been but it sounds awesome :)


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