London Fashion Week Street Style pt II

Ok, time for the second installation of my London Fashion Week street style posts. Enjoy!

Why have I never thought of matching my tights to my hair before like Amber Jane? The black cherry hairband is the most adorable thing ever!

Crazy sunglasses and a great, eclectic mix of prints.

I love the Minnie Mouse buns. I've been considering doing this lately but I'm not sure how it will look on me. This has inspired me to give it a go.

More hair/accessory colour matching. Genius, I tell you!

Such a stylish couple! I love her head scarf and his jacket.

Speaking of amazing couples, I love this early-90s throwback pair.

Bizarrely, the first thing I noticed was the amazing stripy Converse. Then I spotted the William Chambers hat. Quite a show stopper!

Colour block tights were everywhere. The girl on the left has matched her bag to her jumper with abstract primary colours. Vintage perfection!

Just the prettiest top! I love the pastel colours and floral print, plus the sharp silhouette keeps it from looking too casual.

I never thought I needed an orange bowler hat... That was until I saw this!

General fashion nutrition for the eyes.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my third, and final, LFW street style post. Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Craziest sugnlasses I have seen but amazing too!
    I love colour block tights!

    Great photos Becky

    UK High Street Fashion & Style Blog

  2. It's so great seeing some wonderfully British eccentricity during London Fashion Week! Street style has been so great this year at the shows :)

  3. I sincerely hope you got another shot of the man in that killer kilt in the last photo! That thing looks awesome!
    I love the girl in the cute Gothic Lolita ensemble snapping a photo. The French Sweets print (I think the brand was Angelic Pretty) is so darn adorable. Oooh, reminding me of the days I coveted those Japanese dresses!


    1. Afraid not! I only saw him this once and didn't get a chance to get a better shot.

  4. cool post! have fun

  5. this people sure know a thing or two about style.

    great pics!

  6. Some amazing looks, i adore your photography here, looks so vintage :)


  7. All of these looks are fabulous. Great photography! I looove your blog :) Maybe you could check mine out sometime too? http://scandinavian-made.blogspot.com/
    Much love, Vilda <3


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