29th December 2012

 Dress: Topshop

Today I decided to brave the rain and head out to the charity shops. I'm currently making a skirt from vintage fabric using a vintage pattern and I know that one of the local charity shops sells vintage zips. However, after battling my way through the rain to get there, I discovered it was closed until after New Year's Day.

I was annoyed, then I passed the bakery and picked up this beauty. Suddenly, things didn't seem so bad. 


  1. Love that dress, adorable. Also, cakes make everything better. :)

  2. Woow, queen of hearts :) I realy love it

  3. I love your dress! and can't wait to see your finished dress- my parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas so finally after years if hand altering clothes I can sew my own! I too have done the "shops- are- closed- time- for- a- bun- trick" and had s compete sugar overload and had to dit down in a bench for 30 minutes- I just remembered this story and now I really want a bun :)

  4. Your dress is such a lovely print! I did the same thing (but with granthams the paper shop, so not quite as exciting - oh uni) after battling my way through the rain! Cake really does make everything better. I hope you have a wonderful New Year lovely!

    louisejoyb x

  5. ohh, i love this dress and it looks amazing on you! xxx

  6. You look absolutely lovely!
    Bethan x


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