Review: Barratts Shoes Snowflake Ankle Bootie Slippers

My feet are in snuggly heaven. They are the happiest they have ever been right now, and it is all thanks to these incredible slippers sent to me by the very lovely people at
Barratts Shoes

I chose these mostly because of the design. As you should know by now, I adore anything festive and these were the most Christmassy slippers I'd ever seen. They came in blue too, but I'm a big fan of red so plumped for these. 

I'll start by telling you about their appearance. They look exactly like they do in the stock photo, with a knitted snowflake design reminiscent of old school Christmas jumpers. White fluffy sheepskin (presumably faux) trims the sole and seams. To my delight, this textile continues the entire way within the boot. Which brings me to more sensory aspects.

Sticking my foot into this slipper is like slipping into paradise. It is so soft and so warm. I was actually "oh-oh"ing out loud with the sheer cosiness. I can't really describe just how amazing they feel. The soles are a little bouncy too so as I walk, my feet sink into this big fluffy cushion of comfiness.

Another plus point is the rubber sole which, I can assure you, is totally anti-slip. As somebody who likes to skip across the tiled floor of the kitchen, my feet have stayed firmly in place. So these slippers are basically saving my life.

Oh, and did I mention that they're only £10? Billy bargain!

Seriously, I love them. I know I'm gushing but that is the effect. It's my feet talking, I tell you! 


  1. yay these look sup cosy <3

  2. These look very cosy! Love that they have a festive pattern.

    Sita xx

  3. Ah they're so cute! I love the festive-ness! Anti-slip is vital for me - I go flying everywhere in your average slipper on the kitchen floor haha!

    Robyn Mayday

  4. Love these. I have similar ones from several years ago (they are white-brown-red). The only thing that sucks a tiny bit is that I would love to wear them outside the house too but I can't lol :D

    x, Lara

    Btw I love Coke Zero (formerly diet Coke). That's coz my mom used to buy that in the 80's.

  5. Those slippers look amazing! I have a scarf and...erm, jumper in the very same design. Got to love a bit of festive dressing Xx

  6. These look so cosy! i love Christmas, and I love slippers, so these look like a great combo! :)

  7. Love these!! I wish I felt festive but it feels wrong here is Australia as its so warm!

  8. I'm such a massive fan of all things remotely Fair Isle print - especially snuggly knits and slippers!! :-) These are super Christmassy, you must feel like a one woman festive whirlwind wearing those around the house!

    Jem xXx

  9. Those look so so lovely. I own knee socks that have practically the same pattern, but sadly I can't wear them to get into the Christmas spirit because it's so hot in Australia!


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