Winchester Christmas Market

As I mentioned yesterday, Rich and I visited Winchester Christmas Market. I went to university in Winchester and I loved it. I haven't visited in so long. It was lovely to be back there. The Christmas market is something of a December tradition for me- I've been for the past 4 years and I wasn't planning to stop now! Plus, I buy my mum's present there every year and I don't know where I'd get one from if I didn't visit one year!

I took an obscene amount of photos but, luckily for you, I've managed to narrow it down to just a few of the best. 

How amazing are these aluminium owls? I wish I had a more interesting garden so I could give these a home. 

Not even the rain could ruin my good mood! What a beautiful setting! 

A bucketful of baubles! 

Candyfloss the size of my face! 

I didn't pick up one of these adorable clip-on birds, but I really, really wish I had! 

Rich couldn't resist some roasted chestnuts. 

Yeah, I bought a piggy glove puppet. Look how cute and fluffy he is! 

 The cathedral is such a beautiful place. I really miss living in such a stunning city. 

 I'm pretty convinced that this was real magic! 

After a slightly soggy time shopping and eating all manner of Christmas-related foodstuffs (bratwurst and stollen included!), we headed for a drink at the Royal Oak. This is allegedly the country's oldest pub and the place where Rich and I had our first date way back in 2008. We haven't returned since so it was lovely to visit the place where it all began! 

On the way back to the station, we passed a little pop-up shop, selling vintage miscellany from France. It was a little pocket of heaven with granny quilts galore, little 1950s chairs and yards of vintage fabrics for a bargain £2 each. I walked out with 4 yards in total (including some of the pastel striped cotton on the right here) but I regret not buying more! 

I had such a lovely day. Bring on the rest of the holiday! 


  1. Aw, looks like you had a fab time. Now I really want some stollen. :)

    Love the coat you're wearing, I really want a faux fur collar like that too.

  2. Winchester's lovely at this time of year, the Christmas market is beautiful! I'm in love with that little clip on bird, might have to go pick one up myself! Seeing your picture of the roasted chestnuts just reminded me of the gorgeous scents coming from that stand, that's one smell I wish Yankee Candles would pick up on! Lovely post :D xx


    What a wonderfully soggy day!


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