Review // Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I've been blogging for a long ol' time now and for the past few years, Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara has been getting a lot of love. I'd been strictly a Benefit mascara kinda girl for a long time but when my last bottle of They're Real ran out, I decided to see if Better Than Sex was worth the hype. Spoiler alert: It is.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review


I'm a sucker for Too Faced and their cute, kitschy packaging. Better Than Sex is more simple than most of their other products, in a plain pink metallic tube with the brand name embossed on the side. Because it's a basic straight shape, it's not awkward to fit into my make up bag like some other brands. It feels sturdy and secure, and it's been bashed about on many a flight without getting so much as a chip in the paint, so that's a huge plus. Inside, the stick of the wand is fairly long and the brush has a soft hourglass shape with bushy bristles. Apparently this shape was inspired by bust-waist-hip ratio of Marilyn Monroe and I can't quite decide if that's cute or creepy.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Wand Brush


Because of this very specific brush shape, it's really easy to catch those awkward little lashes in the corners of the eyes and I find it makes application much more even- the dip in the centre applies less pressure to those easier-to-reach lashes and prevents them being overloaded with product. I'm also far less likely to end up with splodges of mascara under my eye and on the side of my nose, which is something I find far too easy to do usually. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Swatch
One coat on my right eye only (in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have worn eyeliner for these photos)

Better Than Sex Mascara Swatch
One coat on both eyes


My mind was blown the first time I tried Better Than Sex. Each lash was defined, looking longer and fuller than ever, and there was absolutely no clumping or spider-lash effect whatsoever. Even with second or third applications, lashes stay separated and maintain their curled appearance. With the shade a bold black, it's perfect for making a dramatic statement, but is also versatile enough for a subtle look with just one light coat.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Review

I'm very glad to have finally tried this iconic mascara. The only downside I've found is that it can smudge quite easily (I don't tend to wear it on hot days because if I get sweaty, I end up with transfer on my under eye and brow bone). However, they do stock a waterproof version so I'll definitely try that when I've finished this bottle. 

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  1. have never used this before and am also a bit of a sucker for benefits mascaras! might give this a go tho when mine runs out...

    katie. xx

  2. I can tell the different on your bottom lashes the most but I think it may be the eyeliner hiding the top. It does look like a great volumising product thoough

    Mel ✨

  3. I love this mascara - I've not used it in ages as I've had others to try but next time I buy one this is top of my list!


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