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Ok, this is going to be the most personal post I've written. So far I've steered clear of politics and campaigns on my blog. However, there is a cause that is extremely close to my heart, unlikely to offend anyone and I need to rally some troops.

Let me start by asking you a question: Would you rather visit a historic local pub and live music venue or a McDonald's?
Hopefully you answered the local pub, in which case we're on the right track. Now bear with me as I tell you a little story.

The Tumbledown Dick in 1908. Source
Way back in the eighteenth century, a coaching inn opened up. It was a favourite with highwaymen as it was on a road that came out of London and provided a place to meet up with partners in crime. Eventually it was named the Tumbledown Dick, after the nickname of infamous highwayman Richard Cromwell, a regular who was courting the landlady, Nancy.

Fast forward to 2006. It is now a pub and live music venue. It champions unsigned bands and was even played by The Jam in 1975. It provides a meeting place for the local alternative scene. Indie hipsters, emo kids, metalheads, goths and punks alike congregate there for the community atmosphere. Everybody knows everybody. The staff are on first name terms with every patron. It's the only place like this for miles, so it's a local even for those who live in towns further afield.

Here, have two incredibly poor quality photos taken on phones circa 2006 in the pub (right) and adjacent club (left). Apparently I had a signature pose! 

Then comes February 2008. With no notice at all, it is closed down. People turn up for a burger at lunch and find a notice on the door saying that it will be re-opened in October. It isn't. In fact, it never re-opens. In 2012, after standing derelict for almost 5 years, it's announced that the land has been sold to McDonald's.

This is how it looks today. Sad, right?

This place was so important to me in my youth. It's a piece of local history. We already have a McDonald's (and a Subway, and a Burger King, and a KFC...), we do not need another one. What we need is a local pub and live music venue.

So I'm calling on your support to sign this petition. It will take you two seconds and it really will make a difference to help save this piece of local history. Please like the Facebook page and follow the campaign on Twitter. I don't care if you live in England, America or Central African Republic. The more numbers we have, the more seriously our campaign will be taken.

If you know anyone who has successfully saved a local business/landmark from a global powerhouse or if you know anybody in the music/catering industry who has some form of influence, please do get in touch.

Together, we can save this piece of local history. Let's rock it! 


  1. I signed it, definitely a worthy cause xxx

  2. This happens all too often. I signed the petition my love.
    In some of the villages near where I grew up, they have managed to oppose Tescos for years. Best of luck. It can be done!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! It's reassuring to know that it can be done.

  3. Need to get the whole community involved. In the San Francisco Bay Area this happens all the time. Just need to get everybody mobilized and willing to help.

  4. Hey, cool blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know ansering on my blog :) kisses <3

  5. I signed the petition. They did something similar to my favourite Rock pub in Bristol, the Eclipse, they turned into a trendy bar. Sadly, it's also the place i met my husband :( Good luck with your petition.

  6. These are the things that should not happen. No more. I wish we had a place around here with THIS significance


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