A-Z of Becky: P

P is for Pepsi

I've made no secret of the fact that I love Pepsi. I know it's bad for my teeth. I know it's full of bad stuff. I just can't help it: I love it! I used to drink full fat Pepsi all the time but then I switched to Diet Pepsi when I realised how many calories were in it!

It took a while to get used to the taste but these days I much prefer it. I'm not trying to lose weight or anything, I just enjoy it more. Regular Pepsi always seems too sickly for me.

As well as enjoying the drink, I love Pepsi paraphernalia, especially if it's vintage. My mum bought me an awesome tin sign for Christmas a few years ago and it hangs up in our kitchen. I love these vintage advertisements too- So adorable!


  1. I totally share your soda love, but I'm a Coca Cola girl! ;)

  2. i gave up soda a while ago, but every once in a while i cheat with pepsi! (esp now since its the holidays...)

    river city chic

  3. I can understand that. I do like sodas as well and used to drink them a lot. I'm much better now. Although now I'm drinking a lot of coffee instead. Great make-up :)

    Take only Memories

  4. so cute!! I love your eyeliners a lot!! :)


  5. yesssssssssss pepsi is AWESOME *.*


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