Review: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I have wanted to try this baby ever since I first started getting involved with #bbloggers. If you've been living under a rock on Mars for the past couple of years, you won't know that this is a godsend in the beauty blogging world.

I'd never really tried Lush before. However, today I was passing a Lush store and thought I'd pop in to find one of these to try.

My goodness, it's the greatest thing I've ever done! I have not stopped applying it since I bought it. As you open the jar, which is a decent size for a lip product at 25g and pretty sturdy (it seems virtually unbreakable- perfect for sticking in the handbag!), the bright pink colours hits you. Seriously, it's neon. Luckily, it doesn't leave a stain on your lips because this would be pretty severe for day time.

I take a pretty big scoop out. It's about the consistency of granulated sugar, although slightly stickier. It's not gloopy or sticky on the lips at all though. Then, of course, there's the bubblegum flavour. It's gorgeous! It's so sweet, it tastes and smells incredible. The best bit, though, is that the instructions actually encourage you to lick it off, which I do... in great quantities!

Once it's all been licked off, my lips are so smooth and a little tingly from the buffing. It leaves no residue or stain at all so it's perfect for every day use.

I'm a total Lush convert now, partly helped by the lovely staff at the Reading branch. We popped in twice in the end. The first time it was pretty busy but one of the sales assistants still asked me what I was looking for and showed me where to find it. He also showed me Snow Fairy and let me have a sniff since it's a similar scent. When we popped in for the second time, it was very quiet and we had a nice chat with a very lovely team member. He showed me all the gift sets and got the best one down off the top shelf to show me. Props to the team there for converting me to Lush!


  1. It's so brilliant! I never apply lipstick without it now :)

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  2. Hi Becky -thanks so much for visiting over on IFB! I actually already follow your blog, and really enjoy it! If you'd like to follow me too, I'd love that.


  3. soooo cuttteeee <3 it reminds me of that song : "bubblegum bitch" :D :)

  4. I found mine had went out of date the other day. I really want to try the new popcorn one they have out though.

    Found you via twitter.

    Much love:


  5. ahhaa i sure do love Lush too!!

  6. I've always wanted to try things like this so when I have some spare cash I might get one. Lush always looks amazing but I never have enough money for it


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