Review: Topshop Head Over Heels Blush

It's kind of funny how I came across this blusher. After watching Styled to Rock for a few weeks, I noticed how pretty Heidi's orange-peach blusher was. After a good while of wondering what blusher she wore, I finally had the good sense to tweet her and ask her what brand it was. She very kindly replied to tell me that it was from Topshop so I had a look and discovered Head Over Heels.

Ok, so first things first, the packaging. I love the Topshop packaging. It's very cute, with little black polkadots on white. It seems fairly sturdy and has a little mirror on the inside which is always handy.

On first opening, the blusher is a bright coral, almost orange in tone. On application, it's a very similar tone on my skin, although it becomes more sheer as I blend it in so it's not quite as bright. The pigmentation is great though and it's easy to build up to a brighter shade.

The consistency is creamy. It blends really smoothly on my skin and dries to a natural matte, unlike the more dewy cream blushes I've tried in the past. I prefer the more matte appearance of this blush as it doesn't slide around my face and it looks a lot more natural.

In terms of longevity, the blush is ok. It's not fantastic but it does last a good few hours before fading evenly. At least it doesn't smudge or run, just gradually fades away. 

This blusher retails at £6 which, for me, is incredible! I usually wear Benefit and MAC blushers which are £20+ so this is a revelation. I've also got a Topshop lipstick that I love so it looks like Topshop make up really is a gem! 


  1. I just love your piercings! :D and you look super pretty in that blusher-color!

  2. thank you so much for such lovely review. you are so damn beautiful! and also thank you so much for following me on lookbook xxxx

  3. You look great. I like less pinky colours too- I tweeted Kim K to ask what she wears- lol. No reply but a fan of hers told me. xx

  4. I'm pretty tempted by this blusher! Also, love your nose piercings :) xx

  5. This blush is so lovely on you!

    <3 Vega

  6. Loving the blush is gorgeous on you.

    PS. I found you on the IFB forum "Looking for Fashion bloggers to follow" I'm following you now and hope you come visit and follow back if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina


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