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It's always so strange checking out Christmas products in July, especially on The Hottest Day Of All Time. DotComGiftShop invited me down to their press day to check out the new products for the winter ahead and, as you'd expect, everything was absolutely adorable!
Raspberry lemonade in mason jar with straw

I was served raspberry lemonade in this adorable little mason jar with a floral-print straw. So cute!
Kettle-shaped kitchen timer
Pretty painted teacups
Dog print mug
Animal straws
Apple print flask
Apple print water bottle
I adore the new Vintage Apple range!
Model of mini anatomical skeleton
Wooden biscuits
Crocodile and lion baby mobile
Cute vintage lunchbox
Tin can knock over game
The kids' stuff is always my favourite! 
Coloured glass baubles
Vintage style Christmas decorations
White haired girl in mirror
There are so many cutesy, kitsch things available. I'm definitely excited for Christmas!

Check out DotComGiftShop here.

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  1. Awww everything looks so lovely! :) I really need to check this shop out because I've always heard of them but never really given it a look! x

  2. Omg everything looks so pretty!! Makes me look forward to Christmas :) xx

  3. omg! everything so cute !!!:)

  4. It really must be so bizarre browsing Christmas products, it feels way too early! All of these items look absolutely gorgeous - and I'm also jealous of the raspberry lemonade, best drink ever! x

  5. Gorgeous photos Becky, everything looks so cute!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  6. Everything looks so cute! That lunchbox is really lovely. :)

  7. I need that skeleton! Every looks adorable, definitely going to raid here for stuff for my new flat!
    Kloe xx

  8. I love the wooden biscuits =]

  9. Everything is brilliant! :)

  10. Everything is so cute! It's a good job I don't have my own house or I would go crazy filling it all!

    Dannie x

  11. I've been looking for one of those mason jars, that looks perfect, thanks for sharing :)

    Kathryn |


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