Family in Liverpool

Last weekend, I went Up North to visit my family near Liverpool. Now that I'm driving (did I mention that?), I'm making the most of it so a trip to visit my dad and siblings was top of the list. 
Girl riding horseSmiling horse rider

First up was watching my littlest sister's riding lesson. One of the horses was called Becky which caused my endless amusement because I have the sense of humour of a child! 
Family portrait
Afterwards, we met up with my stepmum, stepbrother and second sister for a lovely pub lunch.
Laughing mother and daughter
Girl pulling face
Photo on iPhone
Eton Mess topped with mint leaf
I had the Eton Mess Sundae for dessert which was every bit as delicious as it looks! 
2000s family photo
Once we'd finished eating, we headed into the local woods to recreate this 10-year-old family portrait. 
Brother and sister Heavy forest
Tree lined pathGirl doing backflip
She's a gymnast so refuses to walk anywhere. It's backflips and cartwheels all the way!View of Greenfield Reservoir
On the way back to taking Jamie home near Manchester, we drove through the Peak District which was absolutely stunning!
Saddleworth Moor in mirrorI hadn't been to Liverpool since 2006, so it was lovely to be back. I've already made plans to return at the end of August. 

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Is it bad that at 28 I want to take up gymnastics in the hopes I could do a backflip? Somehow I don't see it happening!


  2. The photography in this post is amazing, love the trees and your sister mid back flip, perfect timing.

  3. If you like horses called Becky I used to have a dog called Becky ;)

  4. I used to have horse riding lessons on a pony called Katir with an instructor called Kate. It amused me greatly even as a child.


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