Sorry if you were hoping for some XXX action with that title! Instead, you're getting blog posts and dinosaurs. Deal with it.
My Little Pony sweater and tattoo
Kat sure loves My Little Pony clothes. Remind you of anyone you know?
Dreamcatcher tutorial
Paige's DIY dream catchers are so cute! 
Glasgow Jellybear
Charlotte went to Glasgow restaurant Jellybear and I totally want to go for the name alone. Oh, and maybe the ice cream too! 
Brightly coloured book nook
Midge's reading nook is adorable!
Taylor Swift concert
Erica's post on her disappointment with Taylor Swift at Hyde Park is an interesting read. 

Other Favourites
I love Polly's post about Victorian Birmingham. It's really inspired me to include more historical content on here.
My girl Dannie has had a blog redesign and it's gorgeous!
A great post from Amy on preparing for blog events if you're nervous.
Jes's post on visible belly outlines was so inspiring for a fatty like me! 

Weekly Wishlist
I used to do weekly wishlists and I enjoyed them but there was something missing. I've worked out what it is: Themes. Weekly themed wishlists. Yes! This week: DINOSAURS! Because who doesn't love dinosaurs?
Dinosaur wishlist

Dinosaur sunglasses // Dinosaur cookie cutter // Dinosaur jumper // Dinosaurs iPhone Case  //  Dinosaur Skeleton Necklace // Dinosaur Map of the World

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  1. Im a dinosaur lover too =]

  2. Love the DIY dream catchers! I already have a beautiful white dream catcher but I think it would be a fun gift to make for someone :)

    Erin | Being Erin


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