Review // Paul and Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer

I'll admit it, I bought this for the packaging. I had some ASOS vouchers, it was in the sale, it went in my basket. No regrets. 
Review of Paul and Joe Foundation Primer
Just look at it! Good Lord, it's beautiful! I know some people aren't fans of frosted glass but I am all for it. The only problem is that it's quite heavy and bulky, so not ideal for carrying around. Nevertheless, it looks stunning especially with the floral design and vintage-inspired rose gold lid. Another bonus is the pump dispenser, which allows just the right amount of product. 
Review of Paul and Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer

This primer is a thick creamy consistency, which unfortunately isn't particularly easy to apply. It's covers the skin fairly unevenly and leaves a slight tacky feeling on the skin. On application, the floral, powdery scent becomes very apparent. It reminds me very strongly of something my grandma used to use, which I realise isn't very helpful for you at all, but it definitely has that "Nana scent" to it. The promised moisturising quality isn't at all apparent, which is a shame, but neither is it drying.

Once applied, the iridescent, pearly finish is very apparent, and this shines through sheer or medium-coverage foundations and blusher. I prefer a matte finish, so it's not ideal for me, but if you like a dewy look, this would be perfect!

When I used this, my foundation lasted longer than usual, although the uneven application and tacky feel meant it was more difficult to apply. A big bonus is the SPF 15 as I am set on staying as pale as possible!
Beautiful Paul and Joe packaging
Although the dewy glow isn't quite the look I'm going for, I'll still continue using this, although I probably won't repurchase. It's worth it for how pretty it looks on my dressing table though!

Buy Paul and Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer here.

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  1. Paul and Joe products are BEAUTIFUL! I love their little lipstick cases so much. I love dewy looks, so might try this! x

    Martha Jane |

  2. I totally agree about the frosted glass business, I love it. Paul & Joe always have the most amazing packaging!
    -- // x

  3. Paul & Joe packaging is so stunning x


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