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When I was growing up, our TV was always on ITV at 7:30pm. Although I never would have called myself a Coronation Street fan per se (apart from 1999 when I was in love with Adam Rickett and was most disappointed to be on my residential school trip when Nick married Leanne, complete with a bare-chested bed scene), it was a big part of my childhood and I was super eager to visit the Coronation Street Tour in Manchester. Finally, this week, my brother Jamie- who lives a mile down the road from the tour- and I got the chance to walk the cobbles ourselves. 
Coronation Street Tour Review
Coronation Street Tour Lanyard

The tour starts with a quick whip round the inside studio sets. Emphasis on the quick. Unlike the Harry Potter Studio Tours, the Coronation Street Tour is guided for the interior sets, meaning you're not able to take your time and really soak everything up. Instead, our guide rushed us around, past some really interesting props that I would have loved to have a proper look at. Unfortunately I also found our guide's delivery of the script very wooden and unnatural which was quite distracting. Despite this, there were some fascinating aspects of the tour and it was pretty inclusive- there was no assumption that you already had an in-depth understanding of the show.
Jack and Vera Duckworth's House
Jack and Vera Duckworth front door
One of my favourite parts of the interior studio was seeing Jack and Vera's home. I adore the Duckworths as I see a lot of my relationship in them (the nagging wife and long-suffering husband!) and do view them as marriage goals. Rich laughs at me because even thinking about the scene of Vera's death- and later Jack's- brings me to tears so it was quite emotional to see the armchair in which they both died. I also found out that when Vera returned to collect Jack after his death and they had their final dance, the kiss they shared was their first on-screen. (Totally not getting emotional as I type this. It was almost eight years ago, Becky. Get over it)
On the cobbles
Coronation Street Tour Rovers Return
On a more lively note, it was also great fun to stop off inside the Rovers for a sit down. Photos aren't allowed inside the studio but I couldn't resist taking a sneaky selfie in front of those famous painted glass dividers. It was far, far smaller than it looks on screen (as were all the sets) but the bar was a lot deeper than it appears. We also got the chance to stand behind the bar and have a photo taken although it was a bit like being on a conveyer belt- Smile! Snap! Great! Next person!- so I didn't quite get to take it in.
Coronation Street Cobbles
Rovers Return Inn Exterior
After visiting a couple more sets, the doors opened to the sounds of the theme tune and we were given our first glimpse of the actual street. At this point, our guide left us and we were free to spend as long as we liked on the cobbles, taking as many photos as our heart desired. It was a typical drizzly day in Weatherfield but this turned out to be in our favour as it meant people didn't hang around much and we were able to get some great photos without throngs of visitors. 
Roy's Rolls and Elliot and Son Butcher Coronation Street Tour
Coronation Street back alley
I was surprised by how large the outside set was. It's difficult to get an idea of how the street is set out when it's on screen so I'd imagined it much smaller but there were little side streets at either end and we could walk down the alley behind the yards. We could even pop into the Platt's garden. This was definitely the highlight of the tour and we certainly made the most of it.
Maxine Peacock memorial bench
Coronation Street Residents
In the window of every house were details of current and past residents. Curly (remember him? Whatever happened to the supermarket he worked at?) seemed to have lived in every house at some point. I loved this house because I saw Spider and said "Oh! I'd forgotten about Spider" and later we walked past a couple of old ladies who said "Oooh, Spider! I'd forgotten about him!" Poor Spider! Wonder how life is going with Toyah.
Inside Websters' Garage
Coronation Street notice in Kabin window
Weatherfield bus map
The level of detail in the set really blew my mind. From Weatherfield being featured on the bus stop map, to Jason's chaps being advertised in the Kabin window, there were so many tiny details that audiences would never even see on screen. 
Weatherfield Gazette Neon Sign
Jamie hasn't quite mastered the art of manual focus so I asked him to take a few photos of me on my phone instead.
Selfie inside the Rovers Return
Coronation Street back alley and the Duckworth's home
Rovers Return Coronation Street Tour
Roy's Rolls and Coronation Street
Despite the rushed guided tour, I had a great time and it was so fun to see such iconic buildings in real life. I recommend visiting but there are only 66 days until it closes for good so you'll have to be quick!
Coronation Street sign

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  1. Super cute pictures! May have to try this next time I get across the pond!

  2. Opps. Just saw that its closing :( I won't be in England that soon.

  3. I really want to go on this tour! I grew up with Coronation Street and still watch it. If there's only 66 days till it closes, I'd better get a wiggle on!

  4. OH I love Coronation St. I only live half an hour away and still haven't been - I really need to get that done before it closes! Sounds like the had a great time, though the rushed studio tour bits don't sound too great!

  5. I took my mum on this tour last year for her birthday, as she's always been a Coronation street fan! I've not watched it since I lived at home but was pretty distressing to realise that nearly every character I remembered had been killed off!


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