My favourite creepy artworks

It will come as a surprise to nobody that my favourite artworks are those that are a little creepy in some way (they're also all postmodern sculptures because that's my thang). With Halloween approaching, I've decided to pop a spotlight on some of my favourite spooky sculptures. 

Marc Quinn- Self
Marc Quinn Self

This is one of my favourite pieces ever. It's a simple sculpture of the artist's head. Just your basic self-portrait. Except it's made from eight pints of Quinn's own blood. It's frozen inside a refrigerated unit so it retains its shape and, interestingly, Quinn makes a new one every five years. Talk about commitment! Until it was loaned out, one of my favourite things to do in London was hover next to the sculpture and watch people's reactions as they realised what it was made of.

See it: Until recently it was on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London, although I think it's being loaned out elsewhere at the moment.

From the blog: My Favourite Artists, National Portrait Gallery 2012

Damien Hirst- For the Love of God
Damien Hirst For the Love of God

It wouldn't be a Halloween-themed art post without a bit of Hirst. I've decided to stay away from the obvious choices and instead settled on For the Love of God- a platinum cast of an 18th century skull encrusted with 8601 diamonds. Unlike the skull, the teeth are real and belonged to the 35 year old man whose skull was cast. What's interesting to me is how much we know about him through carbon dating- he was probably alive between 1720 and 1810, and was of Mediterranean descent. I love how Hirst has taken a skull- something often seen as a bit disturbing- and turned it into a thing of beauty and great desire. 

See it: For now, For the Love of God is being shown at the Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo.

Hans Haacke- Gift Horse
Hans Haacke Gift Horse

I've only had a brief glimpse of Gift Horse on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square since it was erected in March, although I was following its progress from submission to approval in the Evening Standard. Although it's a politically-charged sculpture with commentary on the financial market (a ticker in the shape of a bow around the horse's neck shows stock prices in real time), I like it because it looks like a thestral. I'm a simple creature really.

See it: On the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square for the next year or so.

Ron Mueck- Dead Dad
Ron Mueck Dead Dad
Source: I used a discreet photo because it's NSFW

I've never really been a fan of hyperrealism. As insanely talented as artists who specialise in this field are, I'm just one of those people who prefers artwork to be laden with symbolism and metaphor rather than aesthetically pleasing. However, Ron Mueck's Dead Dad is an incredible feat. Sculpted from memory after the death of his father, it's a confrontational, unsentimental exploration of death. There's nothing glamorous or romantic about the sculpture. Instead, the 3ft artwork is stark and shrunken.

See it: I can't find out where it is at the moment so it may not be on display at the moment. Let me know if you have information on it.

Of course there are many, many, many works of art that deal with the darker themes in life and these are just a very small glimpse at some of those that I like. I'd love to find out about your favourite creepy art, so let me know in the comments!

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  1. Marc Quinn is incredibly dedicated to his art that's for sure, maybe a little too dedicated. Imagine using 8 pints of your own blood to make a sculpture and have it go horribly wrong. It's not a method I'll be trying any time soon that's for sure.

    Raise The Waves

  2. I remember being taken on a trip to the National Portrait Gallery a few years ago and remember seeing Marc Quinns Self and being very freaked out!

  3. Love this post! Totally with you on loving creepy art.xx

  4. Love this post, and definitely interested to learn more about these artists and where their work is being exhibited! xx

  5. I have a thing for Luis Royo art but i dont know where you would call it creepy.

  6. That first one is both disgusting and incredibly fascinating at the same time haha. I want to not like it, but I really do like it. Your art posts just remind me that I really need to get out more - I love looking at art, but just never take the time to do so.


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