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You're probably already aware of Vichy Dermablend, the high-coverage cosmetics designed to camouflage redness, acne, dark circles and other skin complaints. Now Dermablend have created their Lose the Label campaign, inviting users to discover a new, confident self with flawless skin. To help spread the word, Dermablend kindly invited me to try some of their products and find out first hand how it feels to be skin confident. As I've mentioned in the past, I suffer from dermatillomania, which is compulsive skin picking, so I often feel self-conscious of the scabs and scars on my face. This campaign seemed perfect for me, especially as my skin is quite bad at the moment, and I couldn't wait to try the products out for myself!
Vichy Dermablend Make Up Review

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation Review
It goes without saying that as this is super high-coverage, the Corrective Fluid Foundation is thick. Believe me, a little goes a very long way! Don't do what I did and apply your usual amount! Start with a tiny amount and build it up gradually. Despite its thick consistency, the foundation looks natural, especially when applied firmly with a buffing brush, and feels lightweight. I also love the extra matte finish which manages not to cling to dry patches and as it's waterproof and a whopping SPF35, it's really versatile. Since I have pale, cool-toned skin, I was matched with their palest shade, Porcelain. It's slightly darker and more yellow-toned than my skin, so probably not the shade for you if you're very pale, but it's a close enough match for my skintone. To my delight, the Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation lived up to its promises and created a natural-looking, flawless finish, completely disguising my scars and blemishes.

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick Review
After the excitement of discovering such a fantastic foundation, I was really looking forward to trying the corrective stick. It probably goes without saying that I look for really high coverage in a concealer as I often have areas that need a lot of camouflage. Unfortunately, this product isn't available in Porcelain so I was given Opal to try instead, which is much darker. This meant that when I applied it, I couldn't use too much product as it would only accentuate my imperfections. Although this meant the product wasn't perfect for me, it would work well if you have more of a tawny-beige skintone. The twist-up packaging is convenient and the slanted edge makes it easy to apply to targeted areas. As it has a creamy consistency, it blends well and is buildable to create the coverage you need. Like the foundation, it has SPF, factor 30 this time, and is water resistant. If only it was available in lighter shades, it would be perfect!

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder Review
To complete the process, I used the Dermablend Setting Powder. Although this loose powder appears white on first application, once it has been brushed over the skin, it turns transparent. A sponge applicator is included but I preferred to use my own powder brush. The powder didn't affect the shade of my skin at all but did create a natural matte finish and made my skin feel even softer than it did before. With a microfine texture, I did find it was easy to lose a lot of product on application but it gives such a great finish that I think I can forgive it!

Vichy Dermablend Foundation vs NARS Weightless Luminous vs MAC Select SPF
Dermablend 05 Porcelain NARS Mont Blanc MAC NW15 swatch
Compared to my current foundation, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless, the consistency is quite a shock. I've become used to the thin, almost watery, liquid of my NARS foundation, whereas Dermablend is much thicker. I also find my NARS Mont Blanc foundation is a better match for my skintone. However, Dermablend has the matte finish I prefer without the dryness of NARS and is much more versatile to apply- I tried with my fingers, brush and sponge and found all three to work well, although I preferred the brush. When compared to MAC Select SPF15, the consistency is a little more similar but Dermablend is much more durable, without oxidisation or that notorious orange undertone. 
Bobbi Brown vs Dermablend Corrective Stick Concealer
Vichy Dermablend 15 Opal vs Bobbi Brown Porcelain
As my current concealer is in the form of a corrective stick (from Bobbi Brown), it's easy to compare the Dermablend Corrective Stick. Shade aside, the broad, flat tip of the Dermablend concealer makes it easier to apply than the thin, rounded Bobbi Brown stick and, although the latter is of a creamier consistency, the Dermablend stick is much higher coverage and therefore more suitable for those stubborn imperfections.

Dermablend 05 Porcelain 15 Opal Swatches
I'm going to level with you here- I've been feeling really insecure about my skin lately and I honestly wasn't sure these products would make a difference. To my delight, they really have. Although I'm wearing foundation that is super high coverage, it doesn't feel as though I'm wearing a mask. Instead, my skin feels soft and natural, and looks flawless. This foundation is going to be a lifesaver when I'm feeling self-conscious about my blemishes!

Post sponsored by Dermablend but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. This was such a helpful & informative post! It's clear to see you put a lot of work in :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager and dermablend is the only foundation that gives me the coverage to feel confident without agitating my sensitive skin. it used to be so hard to get hold of so I am glad it is becoming more mainstream.

  3. I didn't know that Vichy had a foundation. Now I'm interested. :)


    Shiny Glitter Things

  4. I've tried Dermablend products before and it totally work for me! A bit too heavy for everyday use, but perfect for a night out. Also, I had a good experience with a setting powder. It's so transparent that you can use it at any skin tone. Perfection!

  5. I just started using Dermablend's concealer for the first time, and I looooove it!


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