Halloween look // Bride of Frankenstein

What with Laura's wedding right around the corner, I haven't had as much time to devote to Halloween looks as I'd like. Nevertheless, I had some spare time today and thought I'd give a quick Bride of Frankenstein look a whirl.
Halloween make up look

I always go really subtle and intricate with the liquid latex and then regret it when it's barely noticeable in photos. For the upcoming Halloween events I have planned, I'll make sure to remember this and go all out!
Halloween Bride of Frankenstein look
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  1. This is awesome! Love the eyebrows, really unique idea x

  2. Love this :) I usually am big into holidays -- decorating my house, dressing up, etc.. but this year has gone so fast I don't know what's going on. You make the perfect Bride of Frankenstein! xx
    - Kristin

  3. I'm actually going as the bride on Friday. I'm so excited xx

  4. Strong brows! Love the photos :)

  5. Gorgeous! You look like a 50s Hollywood diva <3

  6. This is stunning! Really love it :)

  7.  I always love the images you share.


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