All the lessons I have learned in my life

One lesson for every year of my life. Excluding the ones I can't remember, of course!

1995, aged 7: Your brother, even though he's younger than you, will learn to do things before you if you're not quick. That cannot happen.

1996, aged 8: Beautiful is spelt B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Year 4 goal smashed! 

1997, aged 9: Sometimes you do win things in competitions... but don't get too excited because that penguin-shaped bouncy ball is the only thing you'll ever win in your life.

1998, aged 10: England will never win the World Cup but that won't stop you wearing ALL the England kit when they're playing. 

1999, aged 11: Looking in all the cupboards when your mum is out will give you the answers to everything. Yes, she's pregnant. 

2000, aged 12: You are stronger than anyone who wants to take on your little brothers.

2001, aged 13: Not wearing glasses might make you more attractive to boys but you won't be able to see a thing. The latter is more important. 

2002, aged 14: Dark foundation won't hide the hair on your top lip. Funny that.
2003, aged 15: Friendships won't always last forever. People drift apart, and that's ok.

2004, aged 16: You can never prepare for the horrible things life will throw at you. It doesn't matter how kind you are, how smart you are or how hard-working you are, awful things can happen to anyone.
2005, aged 17: There are other people who feel the way you do. You're never alone, although it may feel like it. 

2006, aged 18: The worst things that ever happened to you make you stronger than you ever could imagine. Embrace them. 

2007, aged 19: Sometimes stopping everything and starting again is the best thing you could ever do.

2008, aged 20: No matter what you've done in the past, there are good people out there who will love you. 

2009, aged 21: The engagement rings (plural) aren't the most important part of an engagement.
2010, aged 22: No matter what happens, you can always rely on Grandma.

2011, aged 23: Hard work and determination will prove everyone wrong. Victory is sweet.

2012, aged 24: Teaching is nothing like you'd ever have imagined. 

2013, aged 25: This blogging thing might just work out.
2014, aged 26: Actually, you don't have to go along with what everyone else expects. Getting married at Hogwarts will be perfect... and they won't kick you out, after all!

2015, aged 27: You have the courage to chase your dreams. Do it.  

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  1. Thirteen year old you needs to watch How to Marry a Millionaire. Sounds like you learned quite a few great things :)

  2. That last one is my favourite one. I always doubt myself about a lot of things and I love seeing encouraging messages like these and the photo of you outside Honeydukes is the loveliest thing, Becky! This post is lovely. - Tasha

  3. SO PERFECT. ILY. Ahhhh you've always been a cutie! x p.s. No.27 is the best <3 !

  4. You are just too awesome Becky! Ages 26 and 27 are so very true! xx

  5. Ahh I love this post so much! You'll have to update it and repost every year! xx

    Lauren - Blonde Vision

  6. Oh this is lovely! How different life would be if we all knew the things we wished we did when we were younger eh ;)

  7. What a lovely post idea. A good way of reflecting back on what you've learnt through the years and how you've grown :)

    Gem x

  8. What a gorgeous post...I love your outlook on things. :)


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