48 Hours in Liverpool

Back in February, I visited Liverpool to help my little sister Millie buy some make up and kept meaning to return for a proper visit. It was Millie's 16th birthday at the end of August so Rich and I went up for a meal at Smuggler's Cove and decided to get a hotel for a couple of nights to really explore the city. Albert Dock Liverpool

We were lucky to have beautiful weather although it was pretty windy around the docks! On our second day we headed over to The Beatles Story at the Albert Dock but the queue was huge so we decided to come back later. 
Windy Day Hair
Instead, we hunted down Almost Famous for some lunch. It's a bit of a trek away from the main attractions but the burgers are worth it! Although I've been to the Manchester branch a few times, I've never actually had one of their burgers and I'm happy to report that they are every bit as great as I'd heard. As always, I had a bowl of Love Hate fries because Marmite is God. 
Almost Famous Burger
After lunch, we walked back to The Beatles Story which now had no queue at all. The entry is a bit pricey but it also includes entry to the second museum along the waterfront and audio guides at both venues. 
The Beatles Story
As the name indicates, The Beatles Story takes you through the whole Beatles journey, from the fortuitous meetings to John Lennon's death and individual lives beyond. It's pretty heavy-going with a lot of written information and audio commentary, but not a huge amount of exhibits. Even with the items on display, quite a few are replicas rather than anything that was actually used by the band. However, they do have these fantastic scenes set up with incredible attention to detail which really immerse you in the story. My favourite was the replica Cavern and not only because there were dozens of chairs to rest on!
1960s record store 1960 office Beatles wreath John Lennon Glasses
Although I probably won't return, die-hard fans will no doubt love it. Just make sure you go towards the end of the day when it's a lot quieter! The shop is really good too and anybody can visit, even without a ticket to the museum.
Albert Dock Boats
Our second day was equally as beautiful. I had a Lush Spa treatment booked in the morning so rushed up the hill only to find they'd double booked and had to cancel it. The staff were really great though and gave me a little arm massage and a complimentary Strawberry Feel Forever massage bar to apologise. 
Cavern Bricks Thin Lizzy
After lunch and a browse around John Lewis (buying some Halloween gingerbread in the process), we took a stroll down Mathew Street and past The Cavern, stopping for a photo opp at the Lennon statue.
John Lennon Statue Mathew Street
As the afternoon was wearing on and I wanted to get home before nightfall, we quickly popped into the second location of The Beatles Story on the way back to the hotel. This museum is more focused on the British Invasion and the wider picture of the 1960s music scene. It's much smaller than the main museum but also a lot quieter so in many ways, I preferred this. There were many more original exhibits, such as dresses worn by The Supremes and handwritten lyrics to God Only Knows. 
God Only Knows Lyrics
Considering we were in Liverpool for 48 hours, we somehow got hardly anything done! There was a lot more I wanted to experience, such as the art galleries and river cruises, but I guess I'll just have to come back another time! 
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  1. I went to Liverpool at the end of August and did much the same things by the sound of it! I was quite disappointed by The Beatles Story exhibition too for the exact same reasons, and as a pretty big fan it didn't provide me with anything I didn't already know which was a shame. Glad you had a nice time!

  2. Love Hate Fries? Hooo boy I need to try them. I LOVE Marmite.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  3. I haven't been to the Beatles museum in years but I remember it being a good experience when it was quieter because as soon as the rush was over you could actually spend your time looking at everything

    Mel ★


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