Review // Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I was chuffed when I heard that Marc Jacobs Beauty was coming to John Lewis. I've been meaning to try something from the brand since it was released and included it in my 10 beauty brands to try in 2016 post (lol it's September and this is the first one I've ticked off). Since I had John Lewis vouchers, this seemed like the perfect time and, after a bit of deliberating, I chose to try out the Magic Marc'er Liquid Eyeliner. I've been looking for a precise felt tip liner and this looked perfect.
Marc Jacobs Beauty Felt Tip Eyeliner Magic Marc'er

Like most of the Marc Jacobs packaging, the eyeliner is in a rounded shape and it's fairly slim. The lid pops off so you need to press it back down to replace it. When I do this, it feels like the tip is being squashed down but it's staying pristine so there's obviously some magic taking place there. The only thing I would like is for the lid to clip onto the bottom of the pen, since I have a tendency to put it down and forget where it is.


As a felt tip style eyeliner, the nib is precise but it's also a lot longer than any I've tried in the past, meaning it's much easier to apply. The pen itself is fairly short which is good for me as I need to get close to the mirror when I'm not wearing my glasses. Longer pens and brushes can make it difficult to get the right angle as they tap against the mirror but I don't have that problem here. I've found the nib is perfect for creating a variety of looks- the point is very thin so it's perfect for subtle looks, whereas I can use the sides for a bolder, thicker line. Unlike other felt tips that I've used in the past, it doesn't remove previous layers if I add more and it dispenses liquid in an even way so I don't end up with blobs or sparse patches.


I chose to buy the shade Blacquer, which is a very dark, opaque black. It's exactly the shade I was looking for and creates a really sharp, defined line. It truly is waterproof- if anything, it's too difficult to get off! When removing the eyeliner, it does have a tendency to flake off rather than being removed smoothly but that's not much of an issue since it's coming off anyway. Otherwise, it stays put right through the day with no fading, smudging or transferring to speak of!
Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Blacquer Swatch
Bad Snapchat selfie was the best image I could get of the eyeliner on. Deal with it.

I'm very glad I gave this a go. It's made precise application and flicks much easier. As much as I still love my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, the Magic Marc'er is perfect for when I'm in a rush or if I need a completely melt-free eye on hot days. I can't wait to try out more of the range now! 

*Disclaimer: I wrote this before the incident with the dreadlocks. I recommend reading up about it here
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