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Oh man, did this post cause a lot of indecisive stress! For one thing, I just couldn't decide whether to go for a pretty, hint-of-Halloween outfit or full-out novelty pieces (let alone which novelty pieces). Then there was the issue of which pumpkin patch to visit. Last year, when we cut our own Christmas tree, we noticed the farm sold pumpkins at Halloween. However, they explained that because of the UK's climate, they can't offer a pick-your-own service and instead have piles of pumpkins on display to choose from. According to them, this is the same for every other farm in the country... but then I saw Pickwell Farm had a whole field of pumpkins to choose from. Finally, on the day that we'd scheduled in our visit, it was absolutely pouring with rain! Still, we decided to make the drive down to Southampton, having settled on Pickwell Farm in my novelty bat skirt, and see what the weather was like there. To our relief, it was a perfectly lovely day with just a few scattered showers. Plus size Halloween outfit
Jumper: ASOS (Similar here)
Skirt: eBay
Tights: ASOS
Wellies: Primark (Similar here)
Backpack: Primark (Similar here)
This awesome black and orange bat print skirt is from eBay and was an absolute bargain! Unfortunately, the seller seems to have raised their prices for Halloween now so they're a little more pricey. The material is thick, if not particularly luxurious, and the skirt is well-made. What's more, the sizing is spot on! This is a size 18 and it sits perfectly on my waist, even though it does take a little bit of wiggling to get it over both my hips and boobs! It's pretty rare for cheap eBay shops to sell clothes over a size 14 so I was chuffed to find this. They have an insane number of Halloween items and offer a discount on a second purchase, so I may have bought two different designs! 
Pick your own pumpkins Pumpkins Boobs Pumpkin Farm England Bat skirt Halloween
Since the skirt was the focal piece, I kept the rest of my outfit simple with plain black tights, backpack and wellies. This jumper was an ASOS purchase last year and I love how it looks plain until you see the ghost elbow patches. Although it's not on sale again this year, they do have a Halloween jumper with fang elbow patches and a maternity jumper with cobweb elbow patches which are both pretty cute! 
Plus size halloween clothes Becky pumpkin patch Pickwell Farm Pumpkins Halloween Pumpkin Farm
Yeah, guess who forgot to take the hairband off her wrist and can't bear to spend all that time editing it out...
Misshapen Pumpkin Pumpkin Boobs Pile of Pumpkins Black orange bat skit Muddy feet wellies
I'd planned to wear a pair of ankle boots but since it had been raining, I threw on my wellies instead. This was definitely the right decision as they were caked in mud by the end. I saw people walking away with ballet flats and white Converse completely destroyed! These plain black wellies were bought hurriedly from Primark before a school trip but have ended up being a really handy, versatile pair of boots to have in my car. Prepared for all eventualities, me! 
Pumpkin patch Hampshire ASOS Ghost JumperPumpkin field Pickwell Farm Picking Pumpkins
The pumpkin patch itself was great! It turns out the original farm I'd considered was correct- you weren't able to cut your own pumpkins. However, they'd been cultivated and arranged into rows so you still got that pumpkin-picking experience. Wandering through a field filled with pumpkins and choosing the best ones was a lot of fun (even if we forgot to get a wheelbarrow from the car park!) 
Pick your own pumpkins England Pumpkin tosser Bright Orange Pumpkins
If you don't want to walk all the way to the pumpkin patch, you can still choose your pumpkins from huge crates outside the farm shop, sorted by size so you can find the perfect one for you. It's definitely worth making the trek to the pumpkin patch though- just make sure you have wellies to hand! 

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  1. That picture where you're side-eyeing the pumpkin is AWESOME! I love seeing your nails in that shot! Also, Rich gets some air tossing that gourd! :-D Loved this post!

  2. Such a cute outfit and I love the fun photos x

    Ellé |

  3. Your outfit is sooooo cute! Love the skirt and jumper with he little ghosts on, perfect for this time of year! Gemma xx xx

  4. This looks like such a fun trip! I want to pick my own pumpkin now... even though I accidentally grew some in the garden. That's what happens when you don't throw the old one away... Haha!
    I adore the outfit too. It's so cool and that jumper with the little ghost elbows is just so adorable!

    Cat | What Cat Says

  5. Such a cute Halloween look, I literally squealed when I first noticed the ghost elbow detail! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  6. OMG! Need that skirt in my life! Also need a pumpkin! Lovely photos!

  7. I SWEAR everyone but ME has been to a pumpkin patch wahh! You look so lovely, this skirt is so sweeeeeet! I love it! x

  8. This is so cute! Love everything about it :)
    your jumper is so adorable.

    This really makes me wish I lived close to a pumpkin patch:(

  9. Cute outfit, love the little ghosties. Sophie x

  10. Hey Becky I really enjoyed this post. It was if I was in the pumpkin patch on an adventure with you and the pictures merely added to the sense of fun.

    Lots Of Love
    Gayle XXX


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