Halloween OOTD // Witch of the Woods

I've already written a post about this dress but a) the photos went a bit fuzzy, b) I was wearing leggings and c) it's just too perfect for Halloween not to feature again. I even wore the legging shorts that I kept promising you. Wahey! An outfit post with no leggings!  Simply Be Star Print Maxi Dress
Star print maxi dress: Simply Be
Hat: Primark (similar here)
Shoes: Peacocks (similar here)
In keeping with the Halloween theme, I figured I'd create a witchesque outfit and go running around the woods. Initially, I planned to try some sort of spooky, powerful facial expressions but it turns out I just look like I'm trying- and failing- to be seductive. Instead, I guess I'm your friendly neighbourhood wood witch. We all have one, right?
Black and White Star Print Dress
My star print maxi dress is one of my favourite things at the moment. When I put it on, I feel so confident and in control. Probably something to do with the way it whips around my legs like a superhero cape. Since it's buttoned all the way through, you can choose how much skin to show and I tend to go for a fair bit because I'm an exhibitionist like that! Also, legging shorts! That link is to the pair I wear and they're great since I can get my legs out but still be completely chafe-free (and, of course, if my dress-slash-superhero-cape gets a little too excitable, I'm not flashing my Elmo pants to the whole of Trafalgar Square, something that has never ever happened to me ever... ahem)
Plus size witch outfit
I bought the floppy hat when I started wearing this outfit and had a big hoo-hah about whether the outfit called for a hat and whether hats even looked good on me anyway. The next time I was in Primark, I bought one but it's sat perched on top of Doris, my dressmaker's dummy, for the past 6 months without the tag even being removed. This outfit definitely called for a hat but I'm still not sure if it suits me in general. Great for Halloween, but will I just look a bit odd otherwise? I'm not much of a hat person, you see. It was also a bit of a pain because it cast a big shadow over my face for the first half of the photos until we clocked on to the fact that I could, you know, just move it back a bit, but at least it protected my hair when it started raining. 
Plus size Halloween dress
Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of my shoes since I was scared off by a weird man who was going for a rather suspicious stroll through the heavily wooded areas with a hoodie and drawstring bag but they're actually heels! I'm making definite progress with my ability to wear heels- my favourite boots have a slight heel and then these ballet pumps have a small block heel. These black suede block heels are still small but the highest of the three and I find them super comfortable. Rejoice! 
Plus size Star print maxi dress
After my experimentation with red lipstick at the beginning of the month, I thought I'd crack some out again for Halloween. This is MAC Ruby Woo and what a classic it is! A matte, blue-based red which I find great for faking definition on my top lip. 
Plus size Halloween costume ideas
This was the first time Rich had used my new camera but, as you can see from the photos, he got on really well with it. It's much easier to use than my old one, especially when it comes to focusing, and you can't deny that the photos come out looking great. Everyone says you don't need a good camera to take good photos but my God, it helps! 
Plus size black maxi dress Plus size black floppy hat
It's just struck me that I keep calling these post OOTD even though they're not really outfits of the day, are they? I mean, right now I'm writing this post on 11th Oct in pretzel-print PJ bottoms and a big woolly jumper, having shot the photos on the 9th. So, really, this is OOTWA (outfit of two weeks ago). Force of habit, I guess. Does it matter? Am I being all unrelatable and deceptive by still calling them OOTDs? Man, this blogging malarkey is a philosophical nightmare when you really start thinking about it. 

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  1. LOVE this!!! You look like a perfect spooky witch. Also I just take OOTD as a figure of speech haha!

    Anna xx | Anna Hopeless

  2. I love that dress on you! Such a perfect location too!
    I clicked through and saw your new camera is the 700D, can I ask what camera you had before? I've been seriously considering upgrading to the 700D from my current 600D, but I can't decide if it's worth it.

    1. I had a Nikon D3100 and it was RUBBISH! Can't help you with the 600D question, I'm afraid! It can't be much different to the 700D though can it?

  3. You look fabulous! Love this outfit Becky! x

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  4. Loving all your Halloween content it's the most wonderful time of the year. The dress is so cool and you totally can't beat a classic Ruby Woo.

    Emma Inks

  5. Eee! I love this entire look. It's so pretty and witchy. You look gorgeous!

  6. This dress is so cool, I love it! Also totally appreciating all the Halloween content from you, although getting major outfit envy x

  7. I'm loving all your Halloween outfit posts! It's a close call between your ghost dress and this lovely star one... I love 'em both.

    Strong styling here by the way - loving the hat! x


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